This is my official review, recently updated to be accurate and up to date in 2024. and perhaps the most important site review that you read today. If you’re looking to join this site or learn about it, then be sure to check out this full article. Remember, not all dating sites and hookup apps are created equal. This one is extra special, trust me! Keep reading if you want to get laid! Reviews

My Fling Review (What I Truly Think About This Network) has been a legitimate and trustworthy dating network for several years. It is highly regarded and has won awards for its services. The app is considered the best hookup app by an expert reviewer. The reviewer has tried various networks but found none better than The recommendation is to register and get started right away on

What I Appreciate

  • The dating site boasts a vast user base of 60 million members seeking sexual encounters.
  • The dating platform welcomes individuals of all sexual orientations and genders.
  • The dating website offers an exceptional search feature for quickly finding potential partners for sexual activities.
  • The availability of a 24/7 live sex chat function enhances the interactive experience.
  • Registration on this hookup site is free, allowing casual dating site users to explore their online dating services without initial costs.
  • The upgrade features at this internet site are affordable, providing additional benefits to users.
  • is praised for its top-notch customer support, ensuring a smooth user experience for people seeking sexual interest in the online dating world.

Areas of Improvement

  • Unfortunately, the dating site is not accessible in every country, limiting availability.

Now, let me delve into my personal experience with, which I call “Fling dating.” I have extensively used the dating website and mobile apps and will share my insights. I began my journey with in 2015 and had been updating this Fling review to reflect on new experiences and any changes made by the platform.

Mobile Dating with App: Discovering the Excitement of Connections

Fling Personals presents a vibrant community where members explore various desires, including local sex hookups. This inclusive platform embraces people with diverse sexual fantasies.

This hookup site offers versatile possibilities, catering to different needs. It can be utilized as a hookup app, a conventional internet dating app, or even a swinger’s platform. Numerous complimentary features accompany its excellent functionality.

The app’s sleek layout provides a visually appealing experience and a straightforward registration process. While not every individual appearing in the search results may fit one’s preferences, the search settings can be customized to narrow down the desired matches. I never allow initial appearances to discourage my participation.

Surprisingly, some real members who may be considered average-looking on sex dating sites turn out to be the most attractive and memorable encounters I’ve had. Fortunately, the expansive network ensures there are bound to be a few genuinely stunning individuals in your vicinity. The outcomes may vary depending on your location, but rest assured that this sugar daddy site provides ample opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals nearby.

Signing Up and Logging in to Fling

To join Fling and access its features, follow the steps below. Please note that Fling is available on iTunes for iOS users, while Android users must visit the mobile site at The Android app is not available on Google Play.

  1. For Android Users
  • Visit the mobile site at
  • Search for the Fling app and download it for completely free.
  1. For iOS Users
  • Find Fling on iTunes and download the app.
  1. Signing Up
  • Provide your gender, specify your preferences, enter your email, create a password, provide your zip code, and enter your age.
  • You can enhance your profile by uploading photos and adding a description.
  1. Messaging Members
  • Note that messaging-free members require a $19.99 monthly membership.
  • Use the discount link below to sign up for this premium membership.
  1. Uploading Photos
  • When uploading a photo, choose a high-quality picture that flatters you.
  • It doesn’t have to be a professional glamour shot but make sure it presents you in a positive light.
  1. Making a Good Impression
  • Keep in mind that your profile photo is the first thing thousands of potential matches will see.
  • Present yourself in the best possible way to attract desirable matches.
  1. Logging In
  • Enter your email and password once you have joined and created your own account.
  • Click the sign-in button, and you will be ready to start using Fling.
  • It’s as simple as that!

Enjoy your experience on Fling, and have fun connecting with new people!

Membership Statistics is part of a vast dating network alongside Meet Locals and Instabang, making it one of the largest adult social networks available. With over sixty million members and counting, this network has experienced tremendous growth since November 2014, now being ten times larger than it was back then. The free membership base is evenly split between males and females, and approximately 90% of members actively seek nearby hookups.

Exploring Sexual Interests on

When it comes to the Fling network, the variety of interests and preferences is truly fascinating. Many people wonder about the specific interests within this community, and the platform covers various categories.

Whether you’re interested in exploring orgies, connecting with exhibitionist couples, finding squirt personals, engaging in anal sex dating, discovering fetish personals, connecting with Backpage singles, arranging discreet meetups, exploring phone sex personals, meeting nymphos nearby, engaging in deepthroat experiences, connecting with like-minded individuals through slut personals, exploring masturbation personals, searching for adult personals, or finding girls interested in anal encounters, Fling has it all. Discount Vouchers, Pricing, and Promo Code Activation

If you’re searching for a discount code for Fling, I appreciate your resourcefulness. While there may be various promo codes available, it’s worth noting that many of them have expired. However, I have a simple solution for you. Registering for free through this link can automatically activate the discount. It’s as easy as that!

The Fling mobile app can be downloaded for free, providing basic access. However, if you choose to enhance your experience, you have the option to upgrade your paid membership for $19.99 per month.

Once you opt for the upgrade, your paid account will be billed on a monthly basis unless you decide to cancel. Rest assured, the cancellation process is hassle-free.

Personally, I remained a member for approximately 9 months before canceling my subscription. The only reason for my cancellation was that I wanted to explore other dating sites at the time and had financial constraints.

While the upgrade is optional, I strongly recommend taking advantage of it. It’s an action that can significantly enhance your Fling experience.

I’m pleased to share that I have since returned and rejoined as a Fling member because, in my opinion, it surpasses any other alternative out there.

Outstanding App Features

The hookup site allows you to share photos on your profile without charging effortlessly. Engage in engaging conversations with various models through our chat feature, and explore a diverse community of real members worldwide through unlimited messaging. Refine your search by filtering based on age, body type, and ethnicity.

Also, the dating website offers you the option to maintain your anonymity, allowing you to connect with others discreetly. Express your interest in real members by sending friendly winks. Moreover, you can openly communicate your desires without fear of causing any distress.

How to Delete Your Fling Account

Not everyone remains on a dating platform indefinitely. It is common and normal for people to move on, settle down, or get married. If you have been using Fling for months or even years and now wish to delete your personal account, there are specific steps you need to follow. Here’s a guide on how to cancel your account:

Step 1: Log in to Your Account

Begin by logging in to your Fling premium account using the credentials associated with the premium account you wish to cancel or delete. After logging in, you will see an icon displaying your photo in the top-right corner of the screen. Click on the icon and select “My Account.” Then, click on the “Account Settings” link.

Step 2: Profile Changes

Within the Account Settings menu, click on “Profile Settings.” Ensure you select the “Make My Profile Inactive” option by checking the corresponding box. This will change your profile status from active to inactive. Remember to click the “Save Changes” button to apply the modifications.

Step 3: Membership Management

Navigate to the “My Account” section and locate the “Manage Membership” link. You will find instructions on how to cancel your premium account there. Review the terms and conditions, click to agree, and save the changes. Next, click the “Customer Service Center” link and contact their 24/7 support service department. Send them a message stating your intention to permanently cancel your membership and request your free account deletion.

Step 4: Email Support

When selecting the reason for canceling your account, choose “Other” from the dropdown list. Send a message to customer support explaining that you would like to cancel your membership permanently and have your account deleted.

By following these steps, you should be able to cancel and delete your Fling account effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the actual owner of

Global Personals, LLC owns

Q: What is the contact information for Fling?

If you need to get in touch with Fling, you can visit their customer service page at the following link:

Q: Is a legitimate hookup website?

Yes, is a legitimate and incredible website. However, we encountered numerous suspicious profiles during our experience.

Q: Is Fling a reputable platform?

After conducting a thorough review of Fling, we do not consider it to be a reputable platform worth using. There are plenty of better alternatives available that can genuinely assist you in achieving your desired outcomes.

Q: Is a scam or fake?

While Fling is not a scam, it is also not worth your time, based on our observations. We noticed a significant number of fake profiles, even on the homepage. However, we do not believe they aim to steal your credit card information or engage in fraud. According to our Fling review, you may not find much value on the site, but your personal safety should not be a concern.

Q: Is Fling a safe online dating platform?

If you solely use the site without clicking on any suspicious links sent to you by other users, you should generally be safe on Fling. We do not recommend providing them with personal information, but based on our Fling review, there is no reason to believe you are in immediate danger.

Q: What are some alternatives to

There are several excellent sites available that can genuinely assist you in meeting people for casual fun. Each year, we conduct an in-depth review of the best hookup apps and sites, where we thoroughly test, rank, and compare all the top options.

Q: How does Fling work?

Fling operates similarly to most other dating apps you may have tried. To sign up, you will need to provide your email address and create a free profile. However, the capabilities of a free profile are quite limited. Basic searching is possible, but accessing other users’ profiles is restricted. The site consistently prompts you to upgrade to a paid membership for meaningful interactions.

With a free profile, you have limited functionality on Fling. You can perform basic searches but cannot view other users’ profiles. The site frequently encourages you to upgrade to a paid membership for more worthwhile features.

Conclusion: Should You Consider Using the Fling Dating App?

If you present yourself in a favorable light, the Fling dating app can be a valuable platform for finding casual connections. Discovering a reliable partner for a fling becomes a relatively effortless task.

Optimize your profile and experiment with different pictures to gauge your success in attracting matches. It’s worth noting that not all users are solely seeking sexual encounters, as there are diverse profiles available.

While encountering such challenges is not unique to this app, it doesn’t imply that you won’t find attractive individuals interested in sexual encounters. Similar issues exist across many dating apps.

Another advantage of joining this app is the inclusion of website access, which is a significant benefit. Embrace the opportunity to become a Fling member today, and rest assured, you won’t regret it. Trust my recommendation on this matter!

Visit The Website – CLICK HERE

Other Stuff You Might Want To Know About Fling

More Questions You Might Want Answers On

What is a fling?

A fling is a quick and casual relationship that involves having intimate relations with someone for a short period of time.

What does fling mean?

Fling means having sex for a short period of time.

Is legit?

Yes, this is the most legit casual sex site out there.

Does fling work?

Yes, this platform works.

Is worth it?

For the price of joining, it’s very much worth it.

Is fling free?

Yes, it’s free to register as a user on However, if you want to get the most out of the site, you will want to upgrade.

How do I delete my fling account?

The best way to delete your account is to contact customer service. They make canceling your account quite easily.

How does fling work?

Contact members of the site and ask them to meet you for sex. Meet in person. Hook up with them and go your separate ways. Easy as that.

How to get over a fling with a coworker?

The best way to get over a fling with a coworker is to simply have another fling with someone outside of your coworkers.

Can a fling turn into a relationship?

Yes, it can turn into a relationship if people prefer to do so. I’ve seen it happen many times.

Is Fling app safe?

Yes, the app and website are both very safe.

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