This site works really hard to reveal the scams that these fake dating and hook up sites ae running. As more people find out about them, fewer people go to the sites. When that happens they start to lose money. When they lose money, they have to find new ways to get people into the scams.

get a fuckbuddy review

My Fuckbuddy Review

There are lots of ways for them to do that, but one way is the most common. All they do is get a feeder site to send the people over. You go in thinking you’re signing up for one site but end up on a completely different one. That’s what’s going on with FuckBuddy. There’s no actual dating site by that name. When you try to sign up, you end up on 4Club. This is a very well-known scam site that will trick you out of your money.

You Get Messages Right Away

The messages on this site will start filling up your inbox right away. They won’t stop, either. Your inbox will be full within minutes of signing up. All of the profiles will be for very attractive women, too. You’ll want to respond but you won’t be able to. If you want to send a message back to them, you’ll have to upgrade your account.

That’s going to cost you money. That money is the only reason that this site exists. In fact, it’s the only reason that the profiles exist as well. There were never any real women behind them. They were created by the site just to send you fake messages.

Now that you’ve upgraded, you’ll stop getting messages from them. You’ll never hear back from any of the messages that you sent out, either. That’s how the scam works for everyone.

Check The Pictures

If you need more proof, all you have to do is run a reverse image search on the profile pictures that you see. Just pick any of the ones that have sent you messages. They’ll all work. You can use Google to run the search on it. You’ll see that the pictures are all over the internet.

A lot of them will even be from porn sites. What happens is that the site buys them and uses them to create fake profiles that send you the fake messages that you have to pay to respond to.

Conclusion: Get A FuckBuddy Gets You In Trouble

There’s no reason for you to visit this site. It doesn’t even exist. It’s just there to trick you into signing up for a scam site. It only exists to take your money and that’s it. You’ll never talk to a single person on this site. It’s only there to trick you and that’s it.

The best thing to do is find a completely different one to join. Whenever you find yourself on a different site than the one you want to sign up for, just walk away. You’re about to get scammed. Instead of hitting up those sites, just read this main page before you do anything stupid.

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