I’m back folks and after spending an insane amount of time using a dating site and app called Mixxxer, I’m finally here to report back to you. As you know, I’ve been known to share some pretty raw and uncut information when it comes to my online dating experiences. I’ve shared everything with you up to this moment and I intend on “keeping it real” per usual. My last article covered the cheating facts in the United States and this report goes hand in hand with that. Now, that being said, here’s what you need to know about the Mixxxer site.

The one question that you should be asking yourself is simple, “Does the Mixxxer app actually work?” That’s all you need to know, but I’m giving you so much more than that below.

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Mixxxer.com Report – Find Out If It Works

I’ll just dive right into things without wasting any of your precious time here. Keep reading to get the full scoop on this app. Before getting started, I’ll tell you that it’s not ideal if you’re looking to mix and mingle with swinger couples. They don’t exist here in the network. Anyway, here’s what you need to know.

Yes, It’s A Scam

When you first decide to check out Mixxxer, you’re going to be seeing that there are a lot of active users on the site. At least, that’s what the people who own the place want you to think. Unfortunately, it’s all just part of a big scam that these guys are running. You’re not going to be getting anywhere with a single person behind any of the profiles. This is mostly due to the fact that the vast majority of them are created and operated by the site itself, and no one who uses them will ever meet up with a single person that they talk to.

Why They Do It

There are two reasons that sites like this employ this tactic. The first is that it’s the easiest way for them to convince you that there are a lot more users on the site than there actually are. You might occasionally come across someone who’s real, but more than likely they created a profile a very long time ago and forgot about it.

There isn’t a whole lot of evidence that the population of this place is very active at all. No matter how much time you spend trying to talk to someone, you’re likely going to strike out.

Paid Employees

The other reason is that they can use the profiles to send you messages from their paid employees (just like this site here too). These people will send you message after message if you have a free profile to convince you to sign up.

You’ll be getting a lot of them from the moment you sign up but you won’t be able to respond to a single one of them unless you upgrade your membership. The second that you make this mistake, all of the messages will dry up and you’ll be left alone in a sea of fake profiles.

You Paid But No Getting Laid

You may occasionally come across a worker who will talk to you after you’ve paid, but this conversation isn’t going to lead anywhere at all. The person on the other side has no intention at all of ever meeting up with you and likely has a contractual stipulation that they’re not allowed to. All you’ll be doing is wasting your time while the site tries to convince you that maintaining your membership is leading you somewhere. The simple fact is that you’ll never get anywhere with this place and it’s a much better option to simply stay away from it.

Conclusion: Mixxxer Doesn’t Mix Well With The Real Winners

This is one of those sites that just has nothing at all to offer anyone. I’ve used the mobile app and desktop version. Both are pretty useless. They only exist as a means of scamming people out of their money and they make no apologies for it at all.

They tell you upfront in the terms of service that you’re paying to be entertained, and that’s not what you should be getting at a dating site. Your money is simply going toward the illusion that you’re talking to people who want to meet up with you. In reality, they’re all just paid users who string you along all day long. I can’t think of a worse way to spend your day other than chatting with employees of a dating website.

Without a doubt, you would be better off trying to use any other dating site out there versus this one. I’ve had far better success using the Instabang.com app over this one.

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