I hate, hate, hate when I come across dating sites that try to take advantage of consumers. Seriously, I really hate it and it simply makes me extremely angry. That’s what I found when using the Wild Spank website. After taking a really close look at the site, I learned just how ineffective it really is and why it’s not one that I’d recommend to anyone, ever.

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Dating sites are always hit and miss. If you’re still looking for one that works, you’ve probably had more misses than hits. It happens to everyone. It’s at that point when you’re most likely to get scammed. Sites like Wild Spank realize that and they’re more than happy to run their scam on you. All you have to do it sign up and it will start.

It won’t stop until you cave in and decide to upgrade your profile. That’s all that they’re after. They just want your money. They’re not going to offer you any services in return. Everything that they tell you is a lie. If you really want to find a site that works, you should test it out before you start paying for it. There’s a very simple way to find out if a site really has something to offer you.

Create An Empty Profile (To Test)

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is create a profile. You don’t want to fill it out, though. You want to keep it as empty as you possibly can. Sites like this one never make you do a whole lot. You can choose your age and you’re off to use the site. It makes it easier for them to scam you. In this case, just pick something over the age of 18.

You can pretend to be as old as you want. In fact, the older the better. It will help to drive the point home. Then make sure you don’t upload any pictures of yourself. That’s the important part. Don’t put up a single one. It will actually help to keep you safe.

Lots of scam sites make you agree to hand over ownership of any pics that you post. Don’t upload any and keep yourself private.

Watch The Messages Roll Right In

Now just sit back and wait. The same thing will always happen. As soon as you’re up and running, you’re going to start getting messages. They’re going to be coming from all over the place. You won’t be able to read them, though. You’ll have to pay to do that, but now you don’t have to. You can see that it’s a scam site. No real woman would send a message to a guy with no pic or information about himself. They’re all being sent to you by bots.

Conclusion: Wild Spank Is Just A Scam Site

Wild Spank is nothing at all but just another scam site. It’s just the way that it is. You won’t get anywhere with the women on the site. That’s because there aren’t any. All of the profiles are fake (just like fling hub). They’re only there to send you fake messages.

They try to get you to upgrade so you can read them. They want it to seem like the site is working great, but it’s not. It’s just a common scam that a lot of sites run. Don’t bother with this scam site.

Look, you wanna smash and dash? Great, then use this article as ammo to get booty and prosper!

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