What’s the word my friends! It’s your boy again and today I’m here to shed some light on a site that I’ve been testing and trying out for quite some time now. The site’s not a traditional dating site but one that you might find pretty interesting. It’s called Tagged.com and it’s one you need to know about. Now, per usual, I’m not suggesting that you got out of your way and simply check out this site. That’s foolish and you’ll NEVER hear that come out of my mouth.

So, for those that are about to jump ship and try it out – STOP.

Instead, use your brain and learn before diving into things, especially dating online. Here’s my review, I give it one chance, those are the rules and this is what I’ve got to say about it…

tagged.com site review

My Tagged.com Review – You Know The Rules – One and Done!

Here’s a quick overview of the Tagged.com network and everything else below that is what I learned while trying the site out.


Tagged is a mish-mash of different ideas and functionalities that all come together to make one massively confusing site. You can never really tell who the target audience happens to be, and you’re certainly not going to find it easy to get in touch with people. It works as a half dating site and half social media platform but unlike this site here, doesn’t fully satisfy the needs of either one. In order to figure out what’s going on here, you basically need to know the entire history of the site and how it came to be. Even then, you still won’t be getting much out of it.


The whole thing started up many years ago as a way for high schoolers to connect with each other. Much like how Facebook was geared towards college students, Tagged would only allow you to join up if you were within a certain age bracket.

That all changed when they decided to let everyone use it. Where Facebook thrived, Tagged began to stumble.

Although it was open to all ages, all of the features and games were still focused on high school students. Over time, the user base has shifted, but this focus on teens has remained.


The current version of the site has a much older audience and has recently begun adding dating features. With things like “likes” and location tagging, it’s being used more and more for dating and hookups. The main draw is a Tinder-like feature that has you swiping left or right on profile pictures. If two people both like each other, then they’re both notified and have the choice of contacting each other. It seems like it should be a fun way to spend your time, but there’s a drawback to the whole thing that keeps a lot of people from actually using the site.

How To Use It

In order to initiate a conversation, you have to have a paid profile. This is nothing new for hook up sites, but it’s not a great thing to learn if you’re treating it more like a social media platform. Everything about the site screams that it’s akin to Facebook and Friendster.

But then it hits you with a payment request as if you’ve been duped into a dating site. It’s such a confusing time that most people are going to be better off simply avoiding the place.

Conclusion: Meh, Not For Me

While it has a lot to offer, none of it is especially well thought out or executed. It shoots off into too many directions and tries to be all things to all users. While some might enjoy it, it’s not for everyone. It’s difficult to use and once you find your footing, you’re going to be hit with a need to upgrade – just like all the other bad paysites do.

It’s not a fun way to feel, and certainly not worth your time. There are plenty of other places that are dedicated to one thing or the other and do them much better. If you really want a hookup site, find one that focuses on that alone.

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