Some people love me for what I do and others absolutely hate me for what I do. Yes, it has everything to do with dating and meeting people for sex. Either that or not meeting anyone at all, which is what happens when you join some of these other sites. Now, I never turn down any site that someone suggests investigating. In fact, when someone reports a dating site to me, I feel that much more obligated to helping them find out whether or not it works. That’s exactly what happened with LocalSexFriends.

One day last week, someone sent me an email asking whether or not I knew about They didn’t leave their last name or any details. All they asked was if I knew about the site and if it worked. To be quite honest, it seemed like some sort of marketing email to spark my interest.

Well, guess what, it did just that and not in a good way for the site. I did what I always do, I shared my report – in full! Leaving nothing out at all. Before you go joining this site, you’ll want to read what I had to share…

My Report On LocalSexFriends

Here’s the scoop and don’t do anything with regards to joining sites etc until you read this top to bottom. Assuming you ignore me, then you’ll be in for a rude awakening, trust me. Here goes nothing!

I’ll kick things off by saying that LocalSexFriends is yet another scam site on the ever-growing list of places to avoid on the Internet. Once again, like always, the scams that they employ are used over and over again all across the hookup dating scene.

Why Do I Say That?

If you ever come to a point in your sign up process that requires you to enter your credit card information for the purposes of age verification (just like this site here), look around very carefully. Chances are that you’re going to be immediately charged for access to other sites.

This one, in particular, will sign you up for four or five different sites that will run you almost two hundred dollars every single month until you cancel them. That’s not a small amount of money to be spending every four weeks for something that you never wanted in the first place. It’s just the first time that they try to scam you and it doesn’t end there.

So, you think your verifying that you are who you say you are and as a result, your card gets banged six ways to Sunday and you’re left not getting laid.

Tough To Get A Refund

Assuming that they take you for a ride, then you’re going to have a very difficult time getting your money back. In fact, if you don’t catch it before you get charged, you’ll likely never see it again.

They keep their customer service section very well hidden and make it as difficult and time-consuming as possible to actually speak to someone. What you’ll end up doing is creating a support ticket and having to sit around until they get back to you. Which you can be sure will be after the trial that you signed up for ends. At that point, count on it, you’ll get charged big time.

Fake Messages

If you make your way into the site, you’re not going to see anything but fake profiles and the fake messages that they send. Even though they’ve just gotten so much money out of you, they’re still going to want more. It will never end until you hand it over and they finally leave you alone. They need you to pay their bills, so they’re going to be relentless about it.

localsexfriends fake profiles

No Reading Them

You won’t be able to read or respond to any of the messages that you get. You’ll need to upgrade in order to do that. If you do, you’ll see that no one ever responds to you for any reason. That’s because the site is a barren wasteland of bots and employees, who pose as different people to give you the illusion of a place that makes sense to spend your time. It will never be that.

Conclusion: LocalSexFriends Sucks Big Time!

The main takeaway that you should have is that you’ll never get anywhere with this website. Based on my personal investigation, none of the people on are real and you’ll likely never meet anyone willing to bang you.

It’s all just a giant scam to get quite a bit of money out of you. After you decide to walk away, they’ll simply find someone else to scam and the cycle will repeat itself over and over again. Just stay away from this site and tell your friends to do the same thing.

It’s not worth your time and certainly not worth a dime of your money.

In fact, if you’re looking for a dating site that actually works, there are very few that I can recommend. Which is why your best bet is to start by reading this page here and see where it leads to.

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