What’s your objective today? That’s what I ask myself every morning when I wake up. Most of the time my objective is simple, work hard, make money, and bang someone local tonight. Simple as can be. I like to keep things simple and I definitely like to bang as many local girls as possible no matter where I am. That’s one of the reasons why I had to check out BangLocals.com. Any dating site with the word “bang” in it automatically attracts me. It’s like an unavoidable tractor beam that pulls me in.

However, we’ve got a problem today and it has everything to do with BangLocals being a terrible dating site. I’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Find out what I learned and why this website is about as awful as they come.

BangLocals Site Review

BangLocals.com Network Review – A Horrible Experience

Bang Locals employs all of the oldest scam techniques dating sites have used, yet still somehow manages to stay in business.

Yes, I hate this fact. In fact, I’m writing this review to help you avoid the nonsense and garbage that goes along with using sites like this.

Background Info

They’ve been around for a while, so it’s pretty disappointing to see that they’re still successfully scamming people over and over again. It’s a dark side of the Internet that deserves to have as much light shed on it as possible to keep people from falling for it. They offer a lot to entice you.

However, what they actually have to give you is nothing but a way to waste your money and your time if you make the mistake of signing up.

It All Starts At The Profile

After you’ve filled out your information, you’re going to be taken to a screen that you’ve likely seen before. It’s a page asking for your credit card information.

The page is going to state that you’re not going to be charged because it’s only for the purposes of age verification. This is a total lie.

They’ve got LOTS of cross-sales associated with this initial transaction and you’re a fool if you think you’re not going to be charged.

How do I know? Simple, all you need to do is look below within that form and you’ll see that you’re about to be charged for access to three separate adult content sites ,the second you hit the submit button.

On top of that, you’re going to continue getting charged until you yourself go in and cancel the subscriptions. Otherwise they’ll simply bill you over and over every single month.

Did I mention how difficult it is to actually go ahead and cancel these subscriptions? It’s painstaking, seriously.

Fake Local Profiles

If you go through the process without noticing it, or are totally okay with being charged well over a hundred dollars a month, you’re going to be greeted by profiles from some of the hottest and horniest girls in the world.

Harassment (Kinda)

They’re going to start harassing you for sex immediately and they won’t be satisfied until you’ve personally slept with every single girl on the site. Well, at least that’s what they want you to think. In reality, you’re going to be inundated with messages from fake profiles that you won’t be able to read or respond to until you upgrade your profile and hand over even more money.

The entire site is nothing but a revolving wheel of you giving them your cash and them giving you absolutely nothing in return. Waste your time, of course, if you wish to do so.

Possibly Stolen Images

Pretty much every single profile on the site is fake. The women in the pictures have never even seen the profiles, let alone use them for anything. The images are either stolen or purchased from other places on the Internet and put together into an offering to make you believe that this site actually gets used.

In all actuality and of course, based on my personal opinion, paid employees and the people that they’re scamming aka gullible consumers only use the banglocals.com site. You’re never going to meet anyone here and you’re never going to have a real conversation. That’s just how it goes.

Conclusion: BangLocals Is Bad, Stay Away!

The only way to fight against sites like this is to not use them. Don’t give them your business and don’t give them your traffic. They have more than enough ways to get money out of you, even if you don’t sign up. Just avoid it at all costs.

Now, if you’re looking to join a site that works, there are plenty out there that do in fact deliver. I’ve been using a couple of them over the last year and many work like a charm.

Check this out – click here and I also suggest that you read the main page of my site. I explain everything to you.

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