I’ve loved and I’ve lusted my entire life. One thing that’s caused issues for me is pursuing lust using the wrong tools. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve spent so much time writing reports and sharing thoughts with you and the rest of my readers. Unfortunately, the efforts I’ve put forth haven’t always panned out and it happened recently with Lust.net. If you read my report you’ll quickly understand what I’m talking about. Here’s the full boat and all you need to know…


My Review of Lust.net

I’ll kick things off in a similar manner as I always do, stating that there are a lot of scams on the internet that are difficult to spot. People put a lot of effort into making their fake sites look real. It’s how they make all of their money. If you can tell a scam is a scam, then you’re not going to fall for it. It only makes sense.

Then there are other sites that tell you right away that you’re about to be scammed. Well, that’s exactly how Lust.net works. They make sure to let you know all about how they’re going to trick you. In fact, they make you agree to it.

If you sign up, you’re telling them that it’s okay to try and scam you. It takes away any recourse that you might have after you fall for all of it and lose your money. You can’t do anything because you agree to everything that just happened to you.

Read The Fine Very Print

Every single site on the internet has some sort of fine print. When you sign up for one, you have to agree to the terms that they set forth. The problem is that almost no one reads them. It’s way too much and they make sure that it’s overly complicated.

They even post it as a giant wall of text so you’re less likely to read it. If you sign up for this site, you’ll see some fine print right at the bottom of the page. It says right there that you’re agreeing to the use of “cupid profiles,” when you use the site. If you’re unfamiliar with these “profiles,” you’ll find more about them right here.

That’s the way that they scam you. These profiles are created by the site for the sole purpose of tricking you. It’s something that a lot of sites use to get you to upgrade your membership and pay them for nothing.

You Get Tons Of Useless Messages

These generated profiles only exist to send you messages. You’ll start getting them as soon as you sign up. If you didn’t read the fine print, it will seem like a lot of women want to talk to you. They don’t, though.

That’s because there are no real women on this site. It’s only filled with the fake profiles that send you fake messages. If you want to read these messages, you’ll have to upgrade your membership and pay for VIP access. The site just tricked you into giving it your money for no reason.

Conclusion: Just Avoid Lust.net

The best way to get around all of this is simply to avoid Lust. It doesn’t matter how you come across it. It doesn’t matter how promising it looks. It’s just a scam site. The only messages you’ll be getting will be from bots.

The site is only there to take your money from you. You’ll never have a conversation with a real person. Take your time and money elsewhere. There are plenty of other sites that will actually let you talk to real people. That’s where you should be spending your time. In other words, read this index page, find out where to go, and hookup for real here.

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