Are you looking for quick sex? If so, then you’ve probably searched online for it and eventually stumbled across Well, I’ve got to tell you that this site might not be the site you want to use. It’s not one that you want to use and I can almost guarantee that you’ll be sorry if you do. Here’s what you need to know about this site and why. Review

Complete Review of

I’ll kick things off by saying that the world of dating site scams is vast and varied. People think they’ve seen it all but eventually, there is a new variation of a dating site scam.

It happens very often and it’s something that unfortunately cannot be avoided.

Sometimes, these dating websites don’t even bother on remodeling their site even after word gets around that it’s a scam. falls under that umbrella.  The parent company of this site is notorious for having a large cache of scam sites, and quick sex match is one of their most popular.

Similar Look & Feel

While it steals the look and feel of other dating sites, the major difference is they offer live cams. This is not a typical feature on dating sites, and this is what is used to build a large community that has amassed around this platform. You have to understand that this is all an elaborate ruse to rob you of as much money as possible.

No Real Community At All and dating site scams like it, go out their way to appear as legitimate as possible. They steal the design of reputable sites and copy their features and options. This is so that if an unsuspecting consumer stumbles across it, they get the feeling that this is a place to be trusted. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Though has features like search, messaging, and social feeds, there is no real community that frequents the site. It’s just consumers who don’t realize yet that this is a scam and have been lured in by all the pictures of beautiful women.

Profile Research

The most popular profiles on the site are of gorgeous women who claim that they are lonely and horny. The fact is, these women are not really on the site. Their photos have been ripped from a variety of places all over the internet and the site uses them to try to lure you in. A seasoned dating site veteran can spot this tactic, but the average consumer may be unaware of how common this practice is.

Nearly every single profile on this site has photos ripped from other dating sites, amateur porn models, and cam girls. The first step is to get you interested in these girls so that you sign up for what they call a free account. They say you need to get this account so that you can read and respond to emails from these hot girls, which have likely already started to show up in your inbox.

Nothing In Life Is Free

The reality is that nothing on this site is in fact free. Their thing is claiming the site is mostly free, and you just need to sign up to use it. But if you sign up for the lowest trial package at three dollars for a few days, they don’t mention that this automatically renews to forty dollars a month. Not only that, but that automatically upgrade you to a “VIP” package, in which case your card is hit with two other recurring charges from porn sites.

This comes out to over a $120 a month, every month! If you check the terms and conditions, it explicitly states that they actually pay people to run the profiles and that the profiles on the site are for advertising purposes only. They call these profiles “Love Stars.” This is so they have legal cover in scamming you for your money. The women that are on the site aren’t real, the messages aren’t real, and if it is a real person it’s just someone trying to scam you. Avoid this terrible site.

Conclusion: Will Take Your Money Real Fast

Truth be told here, the website is nothing to mess with. In fact, it’s one of those sites that I just believe you need to avoid entirely. There’s nothing good about the site and it’s a complete mess if you ask me. If you want to hook up, then your best bet is to check out my main page and read that. You’ll make more progress there versus using, I guarantee that!

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