Have I told you how much I love ebony girls? You know, that mocha and caramel colored hotties get me all hot and bothered. There’s nothing I enjoy more than flirting with the ebony girl at Starbucks, which is one of the reasons why I had to test out and review EbonyFlirt.com. Having spent the majority of my life banging black girls, occasionally I do get scammed. It happened while using the LocalBlackMilfs.com website and a few others, including the Ebony Flirt site! Here is my complete review and a rundown as to why I do not suggest using this site, period, end of discussion!

Ebony Flirt Reviews

Ebony Flirt: A Complete Review Of The Network

Okay, well, here’s everything you need to know and why I suggest staying away from the site in general. Do not attempt to join until you’ve read the entire review, please…

Ebony flirt may give off the appearance of a legit site, but any basic inspection will reveal that it is yet another scam site. The frequency of these type of sites appearing all over the web is because they end up working. The trick is that they resemble legit dating sites in both style and presentation.

But once you sign up to interact with the community, you will quickly find that it is just a plain old money grab. It doesn’t matter how hot the ladies look or how sleek the website design is. The whole point is to take your financial information so that they can exploit it for their own gain.

Pricing, Messaging, Parent Company Scam

The ethnic dating site claims to serve those who are interested in dating ebony women. The price ranges from four dollars for a three-day trial, up to a hundred and forty dollars for a six-month trial. They claim to offer typical features you will find on a dating site.

This includes messaging and search features. However, the first red flag you will notice is that the site is connected to a variety of other dating sites. This includes other questionable sites like blackwink.com, naughtydate.com, and flirtydesires.com. This is one of the first signs that lets you know you are on a scam site. Parent companies often create a variety of sites so that they have more chances to scam you, and that their network looks legitimate.

Fake Profiles, Fake Messages

Ebony Flirt is a site that is flooded with bots and likely does not feature a single real female account. This is obvious because once you sign up, you are immediately bombarded with private messages and emails, even before you get the chance to set up your account. This doesn’t make any sense since these alleged women would have nothing to base their interest off of, and you’ve been signed up for all of five minutes.

However, this is how the scam works. They try to make to you think that all these women are interested in you and want to hook up. The moment you try to talk back to them, you are hit with the prompt to sign up for a membership. You won’t even be able to read the messages you get until you sign up, that’s how desperate they are for your sensitive information.

SHady Notifications, Staff Run Profiles

A trick unique to Ebony Flirt is their use of notifications. Once you sign up it will say that women have browsed your profile, winked at you, or added you as a friend. This is to make you think that people are interested in your account.

Sure, they say that they operate some accounts on the site, but it really means all of the accounts. These factors should cement the fact that Ebony Flirt is a scam, and you should never give them your credit card information under any circumstances.

Conclusion: Don’t Use Ebony Flirt

The Ebony Flirt site is not worth your time. In fact, it’s the worst black dating site on the planet. Trust me when I say that, please! You’ll find yourself calling your bank asking for a refund! Look, if you want to get laid then all you need to do is use this site mentioned here and you’ll do just fine.

Mic drop…out!

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