I recently wrote a review about the Swipefuck.com website and given that I cam across Fuck Swipe, I felt it was only fitting for me to dive right into this site as well. Trust me, if you’ve spent money on this site, then you’re not going to like what I’ve got to say. This review tells all and paints an unpretty picture. Read it and be glad you didn’t take any action!

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Fuck Swipe Review Exposes The Truth

Fuck Swipe may give off the appearance of a legit site, but any basic inspection will reveal that it is yet another scam site. These scam sites are everywhere precisely because they work. This site is actually just a mirror of a popular scam site called swipefuck.com.

They barely changed the name and haven’t changed the actual site in any way. They can do this because they have a tried and true formula that works. This is another site that is in the network of Nautell Capital limited, one of the most notorious scammers in the business. The trick is that they resemble legit dating sites in both style and presentation.

But once you sign up to interact with the community, you will quickly find that it is just a plain old money grab. It doesn’t matter how hot the ladies look or how sleek the website design is. The whole point is to take your financial information so that they can exploit it for their own gain.

They Try To Scam You From The Beginning

Fuck Swipe tries to pretend to be on the up and up and offer typical packages. The price ranges from five dollars for a three-day trial, up to a hundred and twenty dollars for a six-month trial. They claim to offer typical features you will find on a dating site. This includes messaging and search features.

You’re told that you can check all this out for free but this isn’t the case at all. They will ask you to put in your credit card information to verify your age. This should be your first big red flag.

No reputable business would ask to do such a thing. Not only that, they don’t reveal that the five-dollar trial period automatically renews to forty dollars a month at a recurring rate after a few days.  Not only that, but they hit you with extra charges for porn sites that total over a hundred dollars a month.

The scam is clear. They just want to get to your credit card information as fast as possible. When you understand this, it is no surprise that the rest of the site is a lie.

Conclusion: Stolen Pictures and Fake Content Prove It’s a Fraud

Fuck swipe is a site that is flooded with bots and likely does not feature a single real female account. This is obvious because once you sign up you are immediately bombarded with private messages and emails, even before you get the chance to set up your account.

This doesn’t make any sense, since these alleged women would have nothing to base their interest off of, and you’ve been signed up for all of five minutes. Likewise, all the webchat messages and live cams are also just prerecorded loops and stolen content from other places. No real dating site would have a section for XXX videos or have all these young, hot girls on webcam.

They do that here as a means to lower your guard so they can steal your money. The site admits upfront to using profiles called Love Stars as promotional tools on the site. This is just a fancy way to say they pay people to talk to you and string you along so that you stay on the site. There is nothing but a waste of time and money on this site and you should stay far away.

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