I’ve checked out TONS of  “Snap” dating sites and they all seem to be somewhat similar. Most of them are nothing but trouble. This is pretty much what I’m finding these days in general. However, when I find a really crappy site, I immediately want you to know about it. That said, Snap Rendezvous is for sure one that you need to worry about. It’s also one you need to not spend money on – ever. My review covers the ins and outs of the site, why it’s not worth joining, and proof that it’s a complete scam.

Snap Rendezvous

Snap Rendezvous Is Part Of A Scam Umbrella

Whenever you’re thinking about signing up for a dating site, it’s a very good idea to try and look into the company that owns it. Doing this can give you a great idea of what’s in store for you. There are massive companies on the internet that own nothing but scam sites. They run their scams all over the world and bring in a whole lot of money because of them.

It’s no surprise that they want more sites to run more scams and steal more money. That’s what’s going on with SnapRendezvous. This site is owned by a company call Together Networks.

This company also owns tons of other sites like Together2night.com, FlirtyMature.com, PlaisirExpress.com, SnabbFlirt.com, NaughtyThai.com, BeNaughty.com, CheekyLovers.com, WildBuddies.com, UpForIt.com, and QuickFlirt.com.

These are all scam sites and they all run the exact same scam. When you see a site is owned by the same company that owns so many other scams, you can be sure that you’re going to get into trouble going there.

It’s All About Fake Emails

The basis for the scam they all run revolves around sending you fake messages. You sign up for the site and then you start getting messages right away. They’re there to make you think that the people on the site really want to talk to you. It will feel like you’d be dumb not to upgrade your membership in order to respond to them. That’s exactly what they want.

They’re not going to let you read those messages unless you pay them. If they do, you’ll see that they’re completely fake right away. They’re sent by bots and make very little sense. It would be obvious that no real person would ever send a message like the ones that you’re getting and that’s how it works on all of these network’s sites.

They Tell You About The Scam

Just take a look at the terms of service and you’ll see the scam. They tell you that they use automated profiles to communicate with users. They claim that it’s to enhance your experience on the site. It’s really just to trick you into upgrading.

Snap Rendezvous wants to get you to upgrade so you can respond to the fake messages that they’re sending you. It’s how all of their scam sites work. It’s still a site that you should definitely try and stay away from.

Conclusion: Don’t Use Snap Rendezvous

You don’t want to get mixed up with Snap Rendezvous or any of the other sites in its network. They only exist to take your money from you. You’re not going to meet up with anyone here. It’s all created to lie to you until you give them your money. There are much better sites out there for you to use. I’ll repeat, you will not have any type of fling hookup here at Snap Rendezvous.

Instead, you can check those out some of the sites I recommend, rather than wasting your time here. Make sure you always look into the owners of any site that you come across. You can learn a whole lot more than you’d think.

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