I’ve been testing a lot of Asian dating sites lately, most recently Chnlove.com. Most of them are complete trash and it should go without saying that these sites want your money. I dug really deep here today to determine whether or not Orient Beauties was one of those scams. This review covers the skinny on my Asian experience and if it’s worth the time and money.

Orient Beauties

Orient Beauties Isn’t Real, Here’s Why I Say That…

There are plenty of scam sites on the internet. Most of them are dating sites that trick you into premium accounts. They make you think that you can use the site to actually meet people. There are never any real people on these sites. It’s all created by the owners to make you think they have something to offer you. They never do, though. Then you get sites like Orient Beauties.

This is a site that tricks you by not even being a site. There’s no actual web site behind the address. If you try and visit it, you’ll just be redirected to a different scam site. It’s called Asian Date and it’s a well-known scam. When people figure out that a dating site is a scam site, they avoid it. These sites then have to create other fake sites to funnel traffic into it so they can do their scamming.

None Of The Photos Are Real

There are no real people on this site. You can see that for yourself very easily. All it takes is running a reverse image search on the profile pictures that you see. You can use Google and do it in a matter of seconds.

You can also download software for it if you want. It doesn’t matter how you go about it. You’re going to get the same results. The images that you see are posted all over the internet. That’s because the women on the profiles are all models.

Their images are sold to the site so they can paste them on the fake profiles and use them to send you messages. It’s a very common tactic for most scam sites on the internet and it wouldn’t happen if it didn’t work so well. People get scammed by this method all of the time.

You Have To Pay To Respond

The scam comes in when you try to reply to the messages that these fake profiles are sending you. If you try to do it, you’ll have to upgrade your account.

It will cost you money that you pay directly to the site. That’s their main goal. They send you fake messages from fake profiles and charge you to respond to them. You’re never going to talk to a real person on this site because it doesn’t have any real people. That’s all there is to it.

Conclusion: Avoid Orient Beauties

Don’t go to Orient Beauties. You’re going to be redirected to a different site. That site is going to try everything it can to scam you. It creates fake profiles and uses them to send you fake messages. Then it tries to charge you to respond to them.

It’s a common scam that a lot of different sites try to run. The Fling site I like does not use this tactic. If you want to avoid it, all you have to do is avoid this site. It doesn’t have anything to offer you at all. Just pass it on by and find a site that has actual people to talk to.

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