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Lisa18 Website Report

Lisa 18 isn’t a terrible site by itself. It’s well designed and welcomes any type of person searching for any type of encounter. The only real issue is the lack of active female profiles to be found. They stand by a pretty common tactic to get women into the site. Men have to pay for access while girls join free. This seems like it should keep the ratio right where everyone wants it, but there’s an issue.

While there are plenty of female profiles, almost none of them are active. The majority haven’t been touched in over a year. It seems that women sign up for free and then just disappear once they get bored.

Bad Ratio

That’s not to say that there are no women at all, though. The ratio probably works itself out to 10:1. That’s not that great. It basically means that any given woman is going to be inundated with messages from desperate guys.

The men, on the other hand, are going to send off message after message without getting a single response. It’s not difficult to imagine people simply being overwhelmed by their inboxes and never going through the new stuff. Doing that would quickly turn into a full-time job.

Fully Functional

The site itself is pretty decent when it comes to functionality. It looks good and it works really well. If you were only going to choose a dating site based on its flashiness, then this is where you’d be spending all of your time. The search functions work great on top of that. You can really hone the details to get exactly what you want. Signing up requires you to enter all of your physical attributes and they can all be selected when you’re looking for someone. From eye color to body type, you can find anything that you want.

They Have  A Guarantee

Another nice thing is the guarantee that you get. If a man joins and upgrades his membership, he can get a refund if he’s not happy. If you don’t talk to at least five different people within a three month period, you can get all of your money back. It’s a nice safety net that a lot of people probably have to take advantage of. Keep in mind, though, that simply getting a message counts as a contact. It doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed any kind of a hook up in any sense of the words.

Conclusion: Not Bad Really

All in all, Lisa 18 could be great. The user base is really holding it back right now. In some time, they might get more women to join and actually have something to offer. If you want to check it out now, you definitely should.

Just keep in minds that you’re most likely not going to get very far. Keep the guaranty in mind and don’t be afraid to collect on it. They don’t use chatbots or free profile to screw you out of it. It’s a legitimate place that just needs a little more advertising to be a great dating site.

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