Have you ever been fishing? How about fishing for hoes? I’m sure that you’ve used the Plenty of Fish network and you likely agree with me that it’s the pits. Well, I’ve got another “fishing” style site that exists today that you need to know about. It’s for your own good too, not because you can get laid. Find out why Fish4Hoes.com is so damn bad and why it will not work for sure.

fish4hoes review

Fish4Hoes Is A Joke – Find Out Why I Think It Sucks

No flies on me and no beating around the bush today. I’m laying it all out on the line right here, right now.

Fish4Hoes is nothing more than the tip of a very scammy iceberg. The site itself doesn’t do a whole lot for you. All you do is make a profile and you start getting texts from women who really seem to want to meet up. Naturally, this is just the start of the scam. Fish4Hoes only exists to funnel you into other sites to give them traffic and their own chance to scam you. While you don’t have to worry about the first site getting into your wallet, the opposite is true for all of the other sites.

Flirty Messages Mean Nothing

When you get your text messages, they’re going to be really flirty and they’re going to tell you to sign up for a totally different site to talk to them. Why this is necessary is never explained. It also makes no sense whatsoever since you’re already texting.

There’s no rhyme or reason to it, but that’s what you’re going to be dealing with. If you fall for it and make a profile on any of the other sites, you’re going to start getting hit with all of the typical scams. None of them are new, but they’ll be relentless.

Free User Sucks

As a free user to any of these places, you’re going to start getting messages from tons of different people. The problem is that you won’t be able to respond to a single one of them. In order to do that, you’re going to have to upgrade your account to a paid one.

If you make it that far, you’re going to be stuck on a site with no real profiles at all. They’re all generated by the people who own it and designed to trick you out of your money. It’s a very long-term scam that too many people fall for.


There are a lot of different sites involved in this scam and they’re changing all of the time. If you go into it thinking that you’re being redirected to a new place that’s not a scam, then you’re going to be wrong. The only reason that any site would participate in this whole thing is to try and trick people.

They’ve already set up their scams and they just need new people to try and run it on. It’s the sad state of affairs that a lot of scam sites find them in. This site right here does the same exact thing.

Conclusion: Fish4hoes.com Does Not Work

At the end of the day, Fish4Hoes has nothing at all for you. They don’t deliver on a single one of their promises and they don’t even bother trying. They only exist to push you onto their partners so they can try to separate you from your money. None of the people that you talk to are going to be real. The images are going to be stolen or purchased from porn sites. The sites they try to send you to are also nothing but scams. The best thing you can do is forget this place exists in the first place. There are plenty of real sites out there to help you hook up.

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