There is no other way to put this other than just saying it…if you’re searching the internet for fling dating sites, then you’ll eventually come across some that are just awful. The website is one of those awful sites.

How do I know? Seriously! You’re going to question a guy that owns a site called theFlingReport? Get real! I’m an expert when it comes to sniffing out these scams and this is what you need to know about this hookup site or I should say this scam.

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My FindMyFling Review

No reason for me to spit game and beat around the bush. Here’s the dealio on this terrible fling scam.

So Damn Typical

Find My Fling is just your typical, run of the mill scam site and it’s not difficult to figure it out at all. All it will take is a few minutes to definitively prove to yourself that it’s not at all worth your time. All you need is an Internet connection and a willingness to dive into the world of online scams.

Once you learn these tricks, you’ll always be able to use them on sites to figure out whether or not they’re a total scam. It may not be a nice thought, but it’s a simple fact that most dating sites are only around to separate you from your money.

It Stems From The Profile

The first thing that you want to do is create a profile for yourself. Don’t add a picture, though. That’s key to the whole thing. You want to start with as little information about yourself as possible to know that it’s all a scam.

As soon as you get yourself set up, you’re going to start getting messages. People from all over the site are going to want to talk to you, even though they know nothing about you. The only reason that it’s happening is that they’re all messages from bots.

Pay To Reply

The reason you’re receiving them is that you’ll have to pay to respond to them. The site owners hope that seeing all these messages will convince you that you should upgrade your membership so you can respond.

Don’t let it.

None of the messages are real. If you upgrade yourself, you’re still not going to be talking to anyone on the site because there’s basically no one there. That’s when the second part of your investigation can come into play. It’ll prove once and for all that this dating site has nothing at all to offer you.

Reverse Image Search Results

Choose one or a few of the profiles that sent you messages without knowing anything about you. Now take the profile pictures and run reverse image searches on them. This is where it all comes together.

You’re going to see those pictures on other sites scattered throughout the Internet. Chances are good that you’re mostly going to be finding them on porn sites. This is what the sites use to create the fake profiles so they can send you messages. It’s how far too many of them operate and it works more than most people would like to expect.

Verdict: Scams Users, Nuff Said!

Everything above is true about the FindMyFling website. It’s all a scam and nothing else. It’s not a new scam or a creative one. It’s actually the most prevalent on the Internet. As soon as you get evidence like you’re getting here, it’s time to walk away from the site.

It has nothing to offer you. If it actually had people to talk to, it would never have to employ these tactics. It’s all simply designed to get your money from you and nothing else. It doesn’t deserve your time and certainly not any of your money.

If you’re looking to avoid other fling scams, then read this review here as well as this one for

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  1. this site is for people like me old and lonely at first it seemed to good to be true and it was but not until I’d put in over 100 pounds and some of the ladies side one thing but would never meet you they just wanted to chat on the site which cost me more money so i packed it in. still lonely old man.

  2. when i got all these messages i knew this was a con i am too savy and i allways run the site through google under scams or ripoff’s and most like you say these bots and sites just take ur money i love to fuck with the spam emails from nigeria i like to lead them on anyway thanks for the research i go down to nuevo laredo when i need to get busy

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