With the number of people who are seemingly looking for casual sex, there shouldn’t be anyone who has to go without. It seems like every other site is a hookup site that’s filled with men and women who do nothing but have sex with each other. If only that were all true. The problem is that most of these hookup sites are nothing more than scam sites.

They use your needs against you. If you’re desperate to spend some time with someone then you’re not going to look too closely at what’s really going on. That’s what’s happening on Only DTF. This is a site that only exists to scam you. It’s never been meant as a real hook up site. It’s designed to trick you into giving them your money and it works extremely often. What happens here happens all over the internet.

Only DTF review

You’ll Get Tons Of Messages On Only DTF

As soon as you sign up for the site, you’re going to start getting messages. It’s going to seem like all of the people on the site want to talk to you and you alone. They’re going to seem desperate just to get your attention. That’s how it’s supposed to look.

It’s all designed to make it seem like you have to be on this site to get what you want. You just have to stop and ask yourself if any of this makes any sense. It doesn’t. No matter how many hook up sites you sign up for, you’re never going to come across one where everyone is this desperate.

It’s just not how it works. If a site is really filled with that many desperate people then you probably don’t want to be a part of it anyway. It means they’re not getting what they’re looking for from anyone else.

The Profiles Are All 100% Fake

What’s really happening here is that all of the profiles you’re seeing are totally fake here. They’ve all been created by the site to send you the fake messages that you’ve been getting.

That’s what it’s all really about. If you try to respond to any of these messages then you’ll find out that you have to upgrade your account and pay them. That’s what it’s really all about. They send you fake messages and make you pay to respond to them and that’s how the scam works.

Conclusion: Only DTF Has Nothing For You

There’s no reason for anyone to visit Only DTF. It’s just a scam site and that’s it. You’ll get fake messages from fake profiles and that’s all. You’ll never talk to a real person here. It’s just going to scam you out of your money and that’s it.

If you stay away from this site then you’ll be able to spend your time on one that can actually work for you. It’s best to try one of those rather than this one. You’ll never get what you’re looking for here, no matter how hard you look.

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