Have you heard of Bangsociety. If not, then consider yourself lucky. It is pretty much the worst dating network that you’ll ever come across. In fact, it’s a dumpster fire of a dating site. Yup, I said that! Here’s my review of the site, why it sucks balls and why it will completely came the F outta you if you join…

Bangsociety Review

Bangsociety.com Review

It doesn’t matter what a hook up site does to get you onto it. The chances are very high that you’re looking at a scam site. It’s very easy to scam people who are looking for sex.

They’re desperate and they never look very deeply into what these sites are actually offering them. It’s so easy, in fact, that these sites can run the same scams over and over again and still manage to stay in business.

That’s what’s going on with BangSociety. This is a site that runs the same old scam that all of the other sites run. If you don’t know what to look for then you can find yourself on the hook for a whole lot of money. If you do know what to look for then you can see it all for what it is and know that you should pass it by.

You Get Messages Immediately

If you sign up for the site then you’re going to see the scam right away. You don’t have to work on your profile at all, but you’ll still start to get messages right away.

Your inbox will keep going off and it will seem like you have tons of people who really want to talk to you. That’s what the site wants you to think.

If you try to respond to a single one of these messages, you’re going to see what’s happening. You have to pay to upgrade your account in order to send out any messages.

If you pay up, you’ll immediately be able to tell that none of these people are actually going to talk to you. That’s because none of them are real at all. The profiles sending them to you are all fake and created by the site to get you to upgrade.

Check The Photos

If you need more evidence, all you have to do is check the photos on the profiles that are sending you the messages. You can run a reverse image search for free with Google. It will only take a few seconds and you’ll see that the photos are plastered all over the internet.

That’s because they’re all stock photos that have been purchased by the site. They use them to make the fake profiles to send you the fake messages to get you to give them money and it’s really that simple.

Conclusion: Avoid BangSociety.com

All you have to do is avoid BangSociety. That’s all that there is to it. You’re never going to talk to a real person here. There are no actual people who use it. It’s just a scam site and that’s all that it will ever be.

There’s no reason to use it for a single second. Just pass it by and find an actual site to use. There are plenty of them out there.

You’ll actually be able to talk to people and you won’t be tricked into giving anyone any money. In fact, you’d be better off trying to hookup on Backpage which is shutdown now actually.

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