Are you a flirtaholic? I’m the type that won’t stop flirting until I’ve nailed what I’ve come to nail – simple as that. Believe it or not, this is why you can understand that I was super excited to give a try when I came across it. However, the website is not at all what you think it is, not even close actually.

I’ve done my part to research and review things here, now it’s time for me to share the unfortunate truth about this website. homepage

Flirthookup Is Not What You Think!

Dating sites and their scams are pretty well known to the average consumer. But many people are surprised just how many of these type scams exist and just how reputable they are able to appear. is one such site, where their design and format makes you think it’s a trustworthy place.

They claim that they have a large database of young and beautiful women who are looking for casual hookups. They do indeed have many profiles of beautiful girls set up, but if you are suspicious of the site, you should be. The entire thing is a scam.

What You’re Expecting has some features that you would expect from a dating site. There are messages, search functions, and local matches that claim to find women in your area. The thing that should concern you first is that there are live cam girls being advertised.

This is not typical for any real dating sex. Real dating sites go out of there way not to appear pornographic or seem like they are selling sex work. However, on this site, it’s out in the open. That’s because they just want to lure you in to get your credit card number.

Yes – This is how the scam plays itself out.

How It Works…

The moment you sign up, you will be hit with over a hundred messages. This may excite you and lead you to believe that there are people interested in your account. You’ll see that there are many views being logged on your account and your email is also filling up with girls who want to talk.

However, you’ll notice that you get these messages regardless if your profile is properly set up or you even have a picture. What sense does it make that all these women want to talk to you when they have no idea who you are?

Fakes, Fakes Everywhere

The reality here is that everything on the site is fake. The pictures you will find on here are of beautiful model quality women, with professional headshots. Why would these women be so desperate for action on this site?  It doesn’t stop there, as the messages you are receiving not from real people at all. They are from computer software that’s designed to spam you with the same messages over and over, that’s why they all seem the same.

Terms Tell All

You have to understand that every interaction on the site is fabricated and it’s admitted to in the terms and conditions. The site admits that they may employ third party contractors to run profiles and interact with the customers.

They act like this is for promotional purposes, but the reality is the site is filled only with fake profiles. They just want you to get a membership so they can keep charging your card, and try to get you stuck with a contractor so that you never leave the site just so you can chat to them. It’s a very disgusting practice but it’s so common because it works. You have to be able to read the signs and then it will become clear to you just how dangerous these sites are.

Conclusion: Don’t Use, Ever.

My honest advice would be to not bother using the website. It’s certainly not going to help you hook up with anyone. I have a hard time believing that it’s going to do anything at all for you, seriously.

Well, it might drain your bank account, but that’s probably all that it’s going to do for you. Oh, one final tip I want to give you. If you’re attempting to flirt without putting in the time and effort to keep your breath fresh, then no one is going to want to hook up with you. Always remember to brush your teeth or you’ll really never get laid.

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