I’m all for making my life and other people’s lives easier. That’s part of the reason why I share these reports on fling sites with you. You should understand that by now. However, one thing that really bothers me is the fact that EasySex promotes/markets itself as being the easiest site in the world to use to find sex, but it’s NOT! In fact, it’s horrible and perhaps the worst of them all.

But I won’t get too far ahead of myself just yet. Instead, keep reading to get all the juicy details and a full report on everything I now know.

easysex.com dating report

My EasySex Investigation / Report

EasySex.com claims that you can find easy sex on their site. They do a decent job of presenting the content on their main page. The site incorporates professional pictures claiming that you can search for sexy women, lusty guys, wild couples, naughty lesbians, or gay guys. You can register free, create a profile, and browse your matches. The question is: can you find any genuine matches? The site looks good, but I wanted to determine if it was all just for show. Check out my review below and you will see that I did not like what I found, starting with the features…

Site Features

The features are pretty standard. It functions like a social media site with a news feed and friend requests. You are supposed to be able to send messages, date requests, and see who viewed your profile. The site is far less impressive when you get inside, as it is on their front page. They use hot pictures and a nice layout to lure you in, then give you a generic experience. What’s even worse than giving you a generic experience, they don’t give you a real experience at all. I found all I needed to know in their terms and conditions.

Virtual Profiles

Save yourself some time and open their terms and conditions document. Scroll down to section 14 and they explain, in detail, that they use virtual profiles that they call Online Regents. These are fake profiles and computer-generated messages from people employed by the site and third-party companies. They say that these fake profiles are there to enhance your entertainment, but their sole purpose is to fool you into thinking that the site has exactly what you want. They continue to mention these Online Regents in multiple sections but all of them say the same thing. These fake profiles and automated message have no connection to a real person and will not result in a date.

Connected To Other Fake Sites

EasySex.com is part of a network, and I could tell by the other sites, that this one was going to be the same type of con that I found on sites like HookupCloud.com, AdultHookups.com, and Fuckbooknet.net. As I clicked through to the website, I saw many of the same features and tricks to fool you. I even saw some of the same fake profiles.

The Cost

The site claims to offer free access, but you must enter your credit card information to verify your age. Let this be a lesson to you. A legit dating or hookup site does not need your credit card info to verify your age. This is just a trick of fraudulent sites to get your financial info, so they can hit you with hidden charges.

The moment they have your financial info, they charge you for multiple porn sites and you end up with over $80 in charges that keep recurring until you cancel. Every site that I have seen, that asks for your credit card to verify your age eventually charges something. Oftentimes, it’s hundreds of dollars in unexpected fees. It’s a huge hassle to get this money back, once they take it.

Conclusion: Not Easy, Stay Away

Enough beating around the bush, this site is garbage. You must be inexperienced and naive about online dating to fall for a site like EasySex.com. They market the site well, but it is easy to spot that it’s a fraud. Look for these signs with each site you visit and you will never get roped into paying more than you should. Most importantly, don’t ever forget to read the terms and conditions. Oh, one last thing, I need you to understand that this is connected to or operated by the folks running the Fuckbook site too.

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