This is a public service announcement. If you are currently using any of the awful escort forums or networks out there, then I urge you to just stop now. Using these sites is awful and nothing good comes from it. In fact, these sites are so bad that the infamous Backpage personals site was recently shut down.

Yes, you heard that 100% correctly, I said shut down! Not only that but it was seized by federal agents. You can only guess what happens from here right? NOT GOOD for the owners. At any rate, if you’re using the site or others like it, then here’s what you need to know about it.

I’m reporting it all real and raw today for you, so pay close attention to learn everything you need to know about this website, most importantly why to avoid it.

backpage escort site shuts down

Reasons The Feds Shut Down Backpage (And Why I Don’t Use It)

There are a plethora of reasons as to why the feds have decided to shut down this website. Trust me, many others like will be seeing their last days of traffic as well. I’m going to cover the main reasons why this got shut down and what you need to know about it.

But first, here’s the main reason it got shut down…

Illegal sex trafficking.

There’s no excuse for it and using these escort sites has consequences. The operators of these sites pay no mind to the fact that they are helping pimps promote girls they control. This action still takes place every day in the United States and you’ve got to be on the lookout for it.

Now that I’ve covered the main reason why it got shut down, time for me to discuss all the reasons why I refuse to use Backpage and many of the other escort style sites out there today.

High Risk

There is high risk for just about everything you can possibly imagine here. The risk of getting arrested for soliciting sex for cash is huge. Even the risk of catching an STD or even worse, the risk of catching HIV is strong too. To me, these are just not risks that I’m willing to take and all at an expense of my own. Nope, not a chance.

Pimps Rob People

If you’re into having battles with pimps and hoes, then you might actually enjoy However, most of the pimps running girls on this website are dangerous as they come. They will kill people, including their customers if you’re not careful. Is that something that you want to risk getting involved with?

Meth Addicts Missing Teeth

Most of the girls that post ads on Backpage have some form of an addiction. Trust me, they are not addicted to men either. They are addicted to substances such as crack cocaine, heroin, weed, meth, and all sorts of things.

These drug addicts have no regard or care of their own well-being let alone yours. Do you think they are honest people? Fat chance pal, they suck! Most don’t even have all their teeth. Keep in mind, I’m not referring to girls like Jenna Shea who are high-end hoes. I’m talking about the streetwalking mutts parading around the alley.

Too Expensive

The escorts posting ads on these sites are extremely expensive. Think about it for a second. Why pay a girl $350 for an hour of fun when you can pay $30 for an exclusive membership to a premium dating network full of girls looking to meet for sex? Seriously, there’s no reason to spend all that money and on top of that, legal fees are super expensive if you end up having to deal with undercover cops busting you for hiring a hooker.

Conclusion: Backpage Sucks, Don’t Use It

If you are looking to meet real girls, then you can do so in another fashion. All you need to do is use an adult dating app. There are millions of girls in the U.S. looking for horny guys to hook up with. You have zero reasons to actually hire any escort in 2018. If you do, it’ll be the worst decision you make all year, trust me.

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