I’m a big cheater, well, if I were in a relationship or married, that’s what people would likely tell me. If you’re into cheating or having affairs, then you’ll be glad to hear that a small segment of the dating industry caters to your every move. The site that I’m going to be reporting on today is called Cheating Hookup and it’s unfortunately not what you think.

See, the internet can be a dangerous place for a variety of reasons, mainly because of how dedicated scammers are to ripping off unsuspecting customers. Most people are unaware of the lengths fraudulent businesses will go to get your hard earned money. Dating site scams are so popular because there’s a never-ending stream of lonely consumers who are trying to find love as quickly as possible. Sites like cheatinghookup.com are designed specifically to take advantage of this desperation and exploit people who are just trying to connect with others. Then there are sites like WellHello.com that don’t even try to hide it that much.

I’ve covered everything about the CheatingHookup.com website that you need to know in order to prevent them from pulling the wool over your eyes. Here’s the full monty, whole boat, and everything you need to know about this nonsense.

Cheating Hookup site

The Rundown Of Cheating Hookup (Total Exposure)

Cheatinghookup.com is part of a network of well-known dating scam sites. However, the average user may be unaware of the ubiquity of these type of sites, and as a result, become prime targets for fraud. The sites study the design and features of reputable dating sites and rip them off completely so that they look as legit as possible.

Cheatinghookup.com features typical options you will find on a dating site like search, messaging, and even live cams. The live cam option should be your first red flag because most dating sites go through a lot of trouble to separate themselves from porn sites. However, cheatinghookup.com openly offers nude women on live cam.

Literally, Everything Is Fake

You have to understand that basically everything on the site is fake, and it’s actually not hard to figure this out once you know what to look for. First of all, you will notice that nearly every profile you see will be marked as an “online cupid.”

This is to make you think that these are the most popular and active girls on the site. However, if an account is marked as such, this is the quickest way to know that it is a fake profile. Right in the terms and conditions, they admit that the online cupid profiles exist for promotional purposes only. Once you realize that, the rest of the scam becomes obvious when you actually sign up.

Messages Flood Your Inbox

The moment you open your profile you will be hit with a variety of messages and emails. This should be a warning sign because, why would all these alleged hot women be immediately contacting an empty profile?

The reality is that these are not women at all contacting you, but computer software. The reason for this is that you are forced to get a paid membership to read or interact with any of the emails. This is how the scam works. They get you to think that there are real people interested in you, when in fact it’s just bots constantly messaging you the same thing. They are desperate to get to your credit card information as soon as possible.

Fake Photos, Employees, Crazy Charges

Not only are all the pictures on the profiles fake and stolen from across the internet, but the company admits in the terms and conditions that they have paid staff who run the accounts. This means that it could be one person running several accounts trying to build an online relationship with you that will never go anywhere.

They just want to keep that recurring charge on your card for as long as possible. You should steer clear of this site and all of the sister sites if you ever are unfortunate enough to stumble upon them.

Conclusion: CheatingHookup.com Is The Worst

If you’re trying to cheat or hook up with someone that’s willing to cheat on their spouse, then do so here at your own risk. The site pretty much sucks and it’s going to cost you time, money, and more if you’re not extra careful. My advice would be to stay away from the site and only use those which I recommend here on my blog.

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