Assuming that you’re looking to score this holiday season, then you need to give that special girl the best present that money can buy. That’s right, I’m talking about the good old fashioned dick in a box!

It’s literally the best gift giving idea on the planet, especially if you’re giving some random no strings attached girl a gift just for going on a date with you this holiday season.

I’ve put together the specific steps that you need to take in order to create this dick in a box present. Trust me, it’s going to be a real masterpiece and one that any dirty girl on Santa’s naughty list will truly appreciate. Here’s what you need to know about it.

I’ll go ahead and keep it this as quick yet detailed as possible without boring the absolute crap out of you.

Dick In A Box

Create Your “Dick In A Box” Present In Three Simple Steps

Here are the exact steps to take if you want to seriously impress the girls your hooking up with these days. Warning, the D.I.A.B. gift only works on girls that are willing to hook up at a moments notice and perhaps looking for some D online. If you’re interested in creating your own present, then here are the items that you’ll need to purchase in order to do so.

Step One – Buy A Box

You don’t need any special box, just a plain old cardboard box that you purchase at the local Walgreens or CVS. Make sure you get a decent size box. Your junk is going to be in there so you don’t want it suffocating to a certain extent right!

Step Two – Wrap The Box

You need to purchase a nice Christmas or Hunnakah wrapping paper to wrap the recently purchased box up. I like to go with the traditional jingle bells wrapping paper for this type of thing. It makes it more fun to put your jingle balls in the box, lol.

Step Three – Cut A Hole In The Box

That’s right, you’ve got to cut a hole in that box that you just wrapped up nicely. Make sure the whole is big enough to fit your junk inside.

Step Four – Connect With A Fling Chick

You’re going to need to connect with one of the millions of girls on Fling looking to bang. Tell them you want to surprise them with a nice night out on the town and you’ve got them a present as well.

See this dick in a box!

That’s just scratching the surface of it too. Look, if you want to hook up with someone this Christmas, then you’ve got to get your act together and start reaching out to girls in the area. Then head on down to Walgreens and get yourself a nice box so you can put your dick in an even nicer box later that evening!

Merry Christmas!

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