If you’re not trying to meet girls in the gym, then you’re doing it all wrong. I’m here to break things down for you and let you know what gym girls are better than the rest! Just hear me out and take the time to read this post. Trust me, you’ll be glad that you did.

girls in the gym

Why I Love Gym Girls So Much

So you’re single and you’ve mastered the art of meeting women at the club on the weekends. That’s great. But what about Tuesday? What are you supposed to do in the middle of the week when you really want to hang out with someone?

Obviously, the club is out of the question.

No one who’s reputable or responsible goes to those places during the week unless it’s for a special show or occasion. That means that they’re going to be much more interested in what they came for than being picked up. You’ll do nothing but strike out all night long and waste your time. I mean, you can always join a sex dating site like the one described here, but there are other options out there too.

Where’s The Best?

The best place to meet someone on a Tuesday is going to be the gym. Believe it or not, women are more than willing to leave with someone after their workout, especially if it’s a Tuesday. Women who workout on Tuesday typically do it to look good. They’re not the weekend warriors who only put in a few hours and never worry about the results.

They want hot bodies and they love to be reminded that they have them. This is where you come in and can really amp your game up to the next level.

The Approach

The thing to figure out is when is the best time to approach them. Obviously, you don’t want to do it while they’re busy. If they’re actively working out, they want to be left alone and you need to respect that. You should also cross the locker room right off your list.

Never follow a woman back there; no matter how much flirting she’s doing with you. It’s just never going to end well. That leaves you with a couple of different options that you can choose from based on your style and how long you usually take to seal the deal.

Timing Is Everything

One good time is when they’re walking from machine to machine. This is a great time to strike up a conversation. You’re just taking a stroll from one end of the gym to the other and you get to chat while it happens. If you look good and you’re in front of a mirror, even better.

She’ll get to see how great you look together and the wheels in her head will start turning in your favor. It’s all about putting yourself in the right situation at the right time to get what you want out of it.

The Best Place

The next place is the parking lot. Women are very eager to show off the work that they’ve done right after a workout. That’s why this is such a great place. If they get noticed right away, it’s like the past few hours paid off immediately and they won’t be able to say no.

Just make sure you shower after your workout. If you smell like a dirty gym sock, then you’re not going to be getting anywhere. Put on your most charming smile and just let your game flow. You’ll be surprised at how well it all actually works.

Extra Tip

Now, I’ve got an extra tip for you. You’ll want to use one of the many fling and bang apps out there while you’re working out in the gym. Reason being, you’ll be able to identify which girls are members of these casual dating networks. Knowing that will mean that they’re more likely to connect with you for a quick bang.

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