I’m finally done writing my report on the Naughty Meetings website and I want to finally share it with you. This review or report pretty much explains everything I know about this site. Now, I’ve been doing LOTS of research on “naughty” dating sites. For example, sites like Naughty Date, BeNaughty, and plenty more have been covered by me. Today, I’m only here to share what I know about NaughtyMeetings.com – nothing more, nothing less.

naughty meetings review

My Report on Naughty Meetings

There are a lot of sites out there that are free to use. Most of them actually are. Then you come across a site like Naughty Meetings. This one claims to be free, but is absolutely not. No matter how much they pretend to be, they’re going to trick you out of your money unless you know what to look for. After that, they’re still going to be trying to get it out of you. It doesn’t matter how much you give them.

They’re going to keep on trying to get more and giving you nothing at all in return. There are plenty of telltale signs that they’re just a scam site. You just need to be aware of what’s going on and know what’s normal and what isn’t. The first thing you do here is something that should always set off alarms.

They Need Your Credit Card

No site has ever used a credit card to verify age. It just doesn’t work that way. There’s no real way to tell how old you unless you ask for real identification. Just look at how banks work. You don’t need to be 18 in order to open an account.

Anyone can use a debit card to say that they’re 18 when they’re really far below the legal age. So you have to ask yourself why a site would want your credit card information on file. Well, it’s so they can take your money. Look at the top of the sign-up page and you’ll see an option to join a porn site.

It comes along with a monthly charge and it’s not small. It’s preselected and out of the way so you’ll miss it. You’re meant to sign up without realizing it and give them your money. Congratulations, you’ve just been scammed.


The Scams Keep Coming

This isn’t the only scam they have going on. Whether or not you catch the porn site scam, there’s still more in store for you. You’re still a free member of this site. That means that you’ll be getting messages all of the time. Your inbox will be full of them.

You just won’t be able to respond to them. Once again, this is a scam. The messages are being sent by bots.

They’re going to send you so many of them that you’ll feel like you have no option but to upgrade your profile so you can read them. You’ve just been scammed again.

Conclusion: Naughty Meetings Is A Naughty Scam

There’s no reason for you to visit Naughty Meetings. It’s nothing more than a scam. You’ll get scammed at the beginning and you’ll get scammed at the end. All they want to do is trick you out of your money. There are much better sites that you can use to meet up with someone. You won’t even end up with a massive porn bill at the end of the month. Stay away from this site, try this one instead.

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