I’m all about using the right Fuckbook dating site, but when I come across one that doesn’t meet my needs, I get pissed. Seriously, I get VERY pissed. My guess is that you would too if you wasted all your lunch money on the site I’m about to share with you. A really fast and easy reverse image search is going to tell you everything that you need to know about FuckBook. In short, none of it is any good. Not a single page of the site, period.

Fuckbook Sucks

Why Fuckbook Totally Sucks

Here’s nothing short of a simple rundown as to why the Fuckbook dating website completely sucks. I’m held nothing back with this review. I think you’ll be happy about that too. Check it out and tell me what you think…

To kick things off, I’ll cover the profile fiasco here.

If you pick any profile image at random and check it out, then chances are very high that you’re going to be seeing many examples of it on other websites. Some of them may be other dating sites, while others may be from image boards. In fact, you just might find that more than a few of them have also been featured on porn sites from around the world.

The reason for this is incredibly simple: Fuckbook is a scam site. It makes its own profiles to contact you and convince you that paying for an upgraded profile is a good idea. It’s a very simple scam that hookup sites have been using for years. The people who run it will get images from other websites that are used to entice the men looking at them. Sometimes they’ll pay for them and sometimes they won’t.

Fine Print? Who Cares!

Other times they’ll find another dating site with fine print stating that any image uploaded belongs to them. In which case, they just take whatever they want and use it however they feel like. It’s not a very comforting thought to realize that the profile picture you put up on a vanilla dating site might end up on a hookup site, but that’s just the way that it is.

That’s why you should always take the time to read the terms and conditions before you even consider giving them your likeness. You can end up saving yourself a whole lot of trouble and embarrassment with just a few minutes of time spent reading what they legally have to tell you.

Owner Profiles B.S. & Messaging

Once you’re armed with the knowledge that the owners are making their own profiles (just like this site), it’s time to figure out why. Simply put, it’s so they can send you messages and friend requests while you’re still a free member, in the hopes of converting you into a paid one.

By making you look at messages from hot people that you can’t read, the theory is that you’ll be forced to buy a month of service so you can see what they’re trying to say to you. Once you do that, though, they’ll never talk to you again. The profiles are run by Fuckbook.com and have no real person behind them at all.

Conclusion: Too Many Flaws, Fuckbook Fails To Deliver

A hookup site is always going to have its drawbacks, but Fuckbook has some of the worse. With so few real users, when you make the decision to pay for access, you’re making the decision to pay for nothing. You’ll simply be handing your money over month after month with nothing at all to show for it.

You’ll never meet up with anyone, and you’ll never talk to anyone because there’s no one to do those things with. Fuckbook has already gotten your money from you, so they don’t have to do anything at all to earn it.

If you’re looking for something more effective, then I suggest you simply check out the homepage for more.

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  1. There are some bots and are marked with a C, you can read a review about that on the datingsitespot blog. They have many profiles for entertainment only and a lot of real profiles depending on the region!

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