Okay, so you know I’m pretty much responsible for reporting all things dating related, right? Sure you do, I’m a sucker for fast fling sites and straight up bang dating. However, this leaves me to be a wide-open target for all things scam related. Why? Most of these sites are straight up scams (this one included). Take for example the site I’m covering today called Victoria Hearts. This is a site that’s been created to supposedly help people meet lonely women to hook up. The issue is simple, those that attempt to hook up with these women simply never do.

Here’s what I know about the VictoriaHearts.com website and why you need to avoid this site as a whole. I believe you’ll find this information extremely useful, no doubt about that.

Victoria Hearts Review

Victoria Hearts Report (Personal Experience Revealed)

It doesn’t take much to come across a dating site scam on the internet these days. They are a dime a dozen and often the average internet user should be able to sniff out the scam. Because of this, online mail order bride scams have become the new wave. On Victoriahearts.com, you won’t find any beautiful foreign girls to marry. What you will encounter is a complex system that will go out of its way to milk you for as much money as possible, while never delivering what they promise.

False Sense Of Everything

Victoriahearts.com likes to portray itself like other reputable sites. They do this to lull you into a false sense of security because you assume that only a legitimate business could set up a well-functioning and designed site. All the features you would expect on this type of site are present.

You can send and read private messages, there is a search option that breaks down to attributes like religion and status, and there is a credit system used to interact with all these features.

The credit system is what’s different from a lot of sites, and should set off your first alarm bell. Most sites, even scams, will try to get you into a membership. Here, you can spend two dollars a month for fifteen credits, up to two hundred a month for seven hundred and fifty credits.

You need these credits to read and write messages to the alleged roster of hot girls who frequent the site. The thing is, nothing on this site is real, and it’s all set up to steal your money.

Sexy Messages Mean NOTHING

First of all, the moment you set up an account, you will be hit with all types of provocative messages. And every account that will message you will feature a beautiful, oftentimes young girl, who’s desperate to get to know you. You have to wonder what such beautiful girls are doing on such a website begging for interaction.

What will tip you off to this scheme is that all these girls will message you from the moment you sign up on the free option. You don’t have to have a profile picture or any information filled out before you find all these girls in your inbox and email. The reality is all of these accounts are fake.

Terms And Conditions Are Hogwash

The entirety of the site is a ploy, and it’s actually laid out right in terms and conditions. They openly admit that the profiles, down to the pictures, are not necessarily representative of an actual person. This is code to say that they literally have employees on staff who pretend to be these women, and are charging you just to send them a message.

Yes, this means the relationship will never go past an online stage, but they’re going to try to keep you spending money on the site for as long as possible. All of these signs let you know that not a single thing on this site is legitimate, and it would be the best decision for you and your wallet to stay as far away as possible.


I’m officially reporting that if you decide to use the VictoriaHearts.com website then you might be legally insane – seriously. Do not waste a single second on this poor excuse of a hookup network.

It’s the worst that I’ve seen in a long, long, time. If you want to have sex with someone, then start reading the most important page on The Fling Report.

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