Thanksgiving is for food, family, fun, and sex! Yes, you heard me correctly. I said sex and I meant it. There are so many times where I’ve been hesitant to try and hook up with girls in the past during Thanksgiving break, but that ended recently. Instead, I give it my all and try to smash as many horny girls home for the holidays as possible.

Yes, girls want to gobble up some big D while home from college. Many of them have an insatiable appetite for meeting random guys while drunk and either giving them oral or just going for the home run.

It’s pretty standard in my book.

holiday sex tips to get you laid

More importantly, it should be pretty standard in yours as well! If it’s not, then you’re doing wrong. Lots of people get down in the dumps during holidays especially those that are single. If you fall into this category, then I want you to snap the heck out of it! I’m going to help you cheer up a bit and move on or make progress at the very least!

First thing is first if you’re not using a dating site, then you best get on one asap.

My advice would be to read this page, hear what I have to say and take action from there.

Holiday Sex Tips Laid Out A-Z

Okay, not that we’ve covered that, let me get to the good stuff that you need to know about. Here’s what you must know if you want to hook up during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ve got a very specific strategy that I’ve taken for this type of thing. It involves patience, technology, condoms, alcohol, and social media. Think you can handle that? GREAT! Then let’s get started!

Step 1: Get Online ASAP

If you are not using a dating site then join. If you’re on one, then get online as quickly as possible. Remember, college students are traveling home from school and they are going to start trying to line things up to do for when they return. My suggestion is to connect with locals via both mainstream social media (snapchat, instagram, kik) and your dating app or website. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re online and doing something that helps you connect with people.

Step 2: Reach Out To Them

If you see someone locally that you recognize, then it’s in your best interest to connect with them and do so through the dating site. Doing it this way lets them know that you’re extremely interested in meeting up with them. It also lets them know that you are all about having sex and keeping it casual AF!

casual AF

Step 3: Ask Them To Hang

If you’re not taking the initiative to ask them if they want to hit up a bar or something of that nature, then you are being too timid. Remember, the idea here is to attack and get a girl to want to meet up with you. Don’t be shy, just go for it and if they shoot you down, so be it. Then it’s on to the next one.

Step 4: Bar Time

You’ll want to spend a significant amount of time at the bar where people are willing and able to hang out. There are local horny college girls getting hammered at these bars and if you’re not there when they decide to leave, well they aren’t going home with you! When you get to the bar, be logged into your dating network. I tend to stay logged into fling 24/7 so I never miss a hookup opportunity. Perhaps you should do the same.

Step 5: Message girls at the bar.

If you get a chance to check your dating app and you see a girl is on the app, then message her immediately. It’s the easiest chance in the world that you’re going to get to hookup, so just message and play your cards right.

Now, once you message her and make a plan to meet up, you’ve got to confirm that you have everything you need to “seal the deal” and what that means is you’ve got to have condoms. Some college girls (has slutty as they are) will not hook up without condoms. I guess I respect that so I’ll honor it.

If this doesn’t get you laid this Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday break then I don’t know what to tell you!

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