Here on, I spend a lot of time sniffing around for things. There are certain aspects of it that I absolutely hate and other aspects that I like about it. For one, I like being able to learn about the various tactics of companies in order to scam users. I also like to share my knowledge and bash the heck out of a company scamming people. This is one of the main reasons why I’m sharing what I know about Kikfriender.

Kikfriender Review

Kikfriender Report Reveals All

Screw it, time to get down and dirty here. A scammer on Kik Friender is someone who gets paid every time they convince someone to download an app and they’re all over the place. All they need to do is download some pictures from a porn site, make a Kik profile, then they’re off and running. They pose as the women from the app and convince other guys to jump through hoops in order to see what they have to offer and they just never let up. You’ll be inundated with message after message from fake girls who only claim to want to show themselves off to you. Yes, some of them are just like the online fantasy profiles all over the web, just like here.

However, as soon as you bite you’re going to be on the hook for whatever scam it is that they happen to be running. Sometimes it’s to get you to download games, and sometimes it’s to get you to download verification software.

Either way, as soon as you pull it down onto your phone, you’re giving them a paycheck that they spent just a few minutes to earn. It’s not a bad system for them, but you’ll end up with nothing more in return. All you’ll have is a program that’s taking up space, and mining your data for anyone with the cash to come along and buy it from them.

Each of the messages is going to be directing you somewhere else in order to see the pictures that were promised to you, but none of them will be good for you. While some of them might just be games that someone is trying to advertise, the reality is that they’re lying to you from the beginning. The beautiful person on the other side of your conversation is nowhere near what you’re imagining. Far from being the woman they’re portraying, these are men with access to an adult video site and plenty of hard drive space to rip the pictures. It’s almost the same exact scam that Snap Sex tried to pull off.

A lot of these places will lead you to a lifetime of spam from third-party companies that bought your information. They can do whatever they want with it after that, and there’s nothing at all that you can do about it. In fact, if you end up sending any of your own pictures to these posers, you’re essentially giving them something that they can post anywhere they want. You might just find yourself on a different Kik profile running the same exact scam on someone else. Those are the kinds of risks that you’re taking when you join Kikfriender, which hardly seems worth it.

Conclusion: Sucks

At the end of the day, is a total waste of time that can actually manage to get you into some trouble. The best thing that you can do is just stay as far away as possible. There’s no reason to use the app when you can find naked pictures of women that you’ll never ever meet all over the Internet. Seeing them on a porn site is just as real as seeing them here, which is where the majority of them come from anyway. It’s just not worth the risk or the time at all.

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