Sometimes I get a kinky and spicy feeling, where I want to really kick things up a notch and that’s why I gave the Spicy Desires site a try. Now, just because they claim to bring the heat doesn’t mean they’ll deliver. Find out why I truly believe this is a total scam on a site with zero intention of actually hooking people up, period. If you’re thinking of joining this site, then you really need to take some action and not attempt to join, but read my report instead…

Spicy Desires

Review: Spicy Desires Has No Heat To Bring

The thing about having sex is that the vast majority of people enjoy having it. The problem is that society makes them believe that they need to be in a relationship for it. You can’t just go around having sex with anyone you come across.

It’s being told this over and over that sends some people right in the opposite direction. They spend all of their time looking for sex without the strings of a relationship. It works for plenty of people and they have no problem with it. That means they need to find a place with likeminded individuals, though.

That’s where hook up sites come in. People can join and look for hookups wherever they live. The other person could be right down the street and they’d never know it without one of these sites. Unfortunately, it’s a site genre that’s ripe for scams and that’s exactly what you get with Spicy Desires.

Make A Profile To Test This All Out

If you want to see it all in action, just create a profile. Make sure you leave it as blank as you possibly can, though. That’s how you’ll see the scam work. Don’t put in any information about yourself. Don’t upload a picture.

Important: don’t look at any other profiles.

Just make it and leave it alone. You’ll see the scam come to life. As soon as you’re finished, you’re going to start getting messages. There are going to be a lot of them. You’ll also be able to see the women sending them to you. They’re going to be extremely attractive. You’ll definitely want to read the messages and respond.

That’s when you find out you can’t. You have to upgrade your membership to do that. That’s how the scam works and the women you see have never been on the site for any reason.

Check The Profile Photos When Possible

If you want to keep going, just check out any of the profiles that sent you a message. Take the profile picture and run a reverse image search on it. You can use Google for free. What’s going to happen is that you’ll see the picture show up all over the internet.

That’s because it’s a stock photo that the site purchased to put up on its fake profile. It created it and used it to send you the messages that you just paid to be able to read. You’ve been scammed.

Conclusion: Spicy Desires Just Desires Your Money

Spicy Desires is nothing more than one scam on an internet that’s absolutely full of them. If you happen to come across it, just leave it alone. It has nothing at all for you. It’s a scam site that just wants to trick you out of your money.

There are plenty of real hook up sites out there for you to use. Get on board with them and you’ll actually be able to meet real women. There aren’t any of them here on However, if you’re curious about hooking up, then you probably have a few questions about fling. I frequently asked myself, “does really work,” and when I tried it I was surprised that it did!  Give that one a shot before all others.

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