Over the years I’ve covered a lot of black dating websites. Most of them have been complete trash. The ones that I’ve covered thus far are SexyBlackPeople.com, IWantBlacks.com, LocalBlackMilfs.com, EbonyFlirt.com and a few more. There’s always more bad sites that I come across and Blackcrush.com is one of them. Yup, I found another gem that just might try to squeeze money out of you.

Speaking of money, have you ever heard the Dire Straits song with a chorus that goes, “money for nothing and your chicks for free?” Well, that’s not happening here! Read my review to learn more!

black crush

Black Crush Review Will Crush Your Ebony Dating Dreams

There’s always a pretty simple way to figure out if the dating site you’re on is legitimate or not. All it really takes is asking if the site is working like reality works. You can’t expect to join a dating site and just have hundreds of women flock to you. That’s not how it works.

Women aren’t sitting on dating sites just waiting for men to join them. Real women have no problem at all in finding men who want to have sex with them. That’s what Black Crush wants you to believe, though. They go out of their way to sell you a fantasy.

The things that happen on the site would never happen in real life. Just make yourself a free profile and watch what happens. Either the site is the best thing on the planet for men who want to hook up, or it’s all scam.

The Messages Will Start Immediately

After you create your profile, it will all start right away. You’ll have women looking at your profile all day long. They’ll also be sending you tons of messages and flirts. This will happen whether or not you actually fill out your profile. An empty one will get just as much attention as a full one.

You don’t even need a photo up for the messages to start rolling in. This is where you have to ask yourself about reality. Would these women really just be sitting around and waiting for you? Are they going to try and talk to someone without a profile picture? Of course, they wouldn’t. Women on hook up sites are already getting more messages than they can read. They’re not going to go out of their way to message men who can’t even be bothered to upload a picture.

The Profiles Are Basically All Fake

So, why does all of this happen? It’s simple: the profiles are fake. None of the women that you see on the site have ever been there. None of them know that their pictures are on them, either. If you run a reverse image search, you’ll see why.

All of them show up on porn sites all over the internet. The pictures you see have been purchased from them and thrown onto the profiles. These profiles are then used to send you messages in an attempt to get you to upgrade your membership. You’ll need to do that to actually read them.

Conclusion: Black Crush Is A Waste Of Time, Money, and Effort

Black Crush is just a scam site and you have no reason to try and use it. You’ll get nothing but fake messages from fake profiles.

There aren’t any actual women on the site at all. It’s not a new scam at all. It’s done all over the internet and works way too well. Men fall for it all of the time. The best way to combat it is to know what you’re looking at and realizing it’s all being faked for you.

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