I’m all about reporting the truth when it comes to dating sites. That’s what I do and I’m not going to hold back here with this one either. Today I’m reporting on LocalHookup.com and everything that it entails. If you know me, then you know I don’t mess around with my reporting. It’s something that I do not take lightly. That said, here’s what you need to know about things with regards to this website.

LocalHookup.com Review

LocalHookUp.com = A Classic Scam

Like a bevy of scam sites that are all over the web, localhookups.com doesn’t take long before it reveals itself as a fraud. It uses a similar tactic of most scam sites, which is to resemble a legit and popular site as much as possible. They also use a new popular technique, which is claiming that the site is completely free to use, but that you just have to put in your credit card info to verify your age.

This trick should warn off most people, but the reality is people still get lured into these scams because of all the hot girls and sexual content. You have to understand that this is all a part of the con and they want to attract people who are just desperate for sexual attention.

This site is actually one of the better-designed scam sites around, which makes it all the more dangerous to the unsuspecting consumer. Regardless of the design of the scam, the end goal is always the same.

Nothing Is Actually Free

The site claims that you can peruse the community without having to pay any money, but this is a lie. The moment you put in your credit card info to verify your age, they charge your card with a membership to a variety of porn sites, totaling in over a hundred dollars a month in recurring fees.

They make you sign the terms and conditions up front so that you agree to this fraudulent behavior. Once you see this type of practice, it isn’t hard to assume that the rest of the site is just an elaborate fraud. The second you sign up for an account, your inbox will be bombarded with messages from all types of girls, pretending to be real. This might pique your interest and once you try to respond, you will be hit with the credit request. As you can imagine, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Profiles And Pictures Are All Fake

The fact that you are immediately hit with messages once you sign up should be the first major red flag. You will receive messages before you even have the chance to put up a picture or set up your profile information. This is a dead giveaway that all of the accounts reaching out to you are bots. There are no real girls here. LocalHookup has ripped the images from across the internet as a way to convince you they have an actual community.

You only have to do a basic search on the site to see a variety of people complaining about being scammed. They have an elaborate scoreboard and match system that is dominated by profiles they call Love Stars. The reality is, all the Love Star profiles are run by the company (same company who runs this site) and they admit to this right in the terms and conditions they made you agree to. They feature a variety of stolen hardcore content that would never appear on a legit dating site. They’re just trying to rack up as many recurring fees on your card as possible.

Conclusion: A Dangerous Site To Frequent

Whenever you see these types of red flags you should head far away. There’s nothing this place can give you except a headache and an empty bank account. They make their money scamming innocent people, not matchmaking anyone. These people are dedicated to maintaining long elaborate cons and will do anything to keep taking your money. It’s best to avoid places like this at all costs. If you want to get laid – try this here.

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