Sometimes dating sites emerge out of the woodwork and on rare occasions they are amazing. However, most of the time, they are absolute garbage! That said, I’m here today to share a site with you that’s recently made my blood boil. The site is called Snapsex and it’s perhaps the worst of the worst when it comes to scamming tactics. I don’t care if you’re a fan of Snapchat or not, (I think it sucks) this isn’t what you think it is and after reading this review you’ll understand why.

snapsex review

Snapsex: The Ultimate Scam To Attract Snapchat Users

Here’s what you need to know about the website. I’m not messing around here and I think the site should be punished for what they’re doing. That’s how bad this pisses me off. Find out what they’ve got going on below…

Why It’s A Scam

It’s clear right from the beginning that Snapsex is nothing more than your typical scam site. It’s designed to convince you that upgrading your membership to a paid account is a good idea. Guess what, it’s definitely not a good idea here today. They do all this convincing even though you won’t be getting anything at all in return for your hard-earned money. There are a few things that you can see the second you begin your sign up process. They are all going to be laid out right here to make you a more informed consumer. Once you read this, you’ll understand why you must stay away.

What Info Is Needed?

First and foremost is the way that they don’t require any actual information from you when you make your free account. They don’t need you to enter your preferences for things like body type or age. These are absolutely crucial in most actual dating sites because this is the information that’s going to be used to find your matches.

Fake AF Questions

On this site, however, you do have to answer some really ridiculous questions. Ones like whether or not you can keep a secret. Not only is this an incredibly silly thing to ask someone since the answer will also be yes regardless of the person’s actual secret keeping abilities, but it’s clearly only designed to entice you into the site. It’s selling you an idea that the things you’re going to be getting up to are so naughty that you shouldn’t be allowed to tell anyone.
Trust me, these are fake questions that mean virtually nothing at all!

If this were a real dating site with real people using it, then they wouldn’t have to entice. They’re proven track record of getting people together would be more than enough to convince you to try the place out. Anything less than simply showing you that your preferences are important to them and that they have the people that you want to talk to is a red flag that the place is a scam.

Fake People (Love Stars)

The second and most important piece of information that you can get from your sign up is the use of the words Love Stars. You’ll see it in the fine print and it’s the nail in this scam coffin. A love star is listed as a profile that is owned or run by the site and you have to give them permission for it to contact you.

It may not be extremely obvious right away, but this essentially just means that the profile is a bot and the company is going to use it to try and make you believe that eligible singles are trying to contact you. Unfortunately for you, you need a paid upgrade to get back to them. This is one of the oldest tricks that these places employ and they come right out and tell you that they use them. Hey, who knows, you might run into someone running a fake Jenna Shea profile. If you do, that’s not the real Jenna Shea. Read about her right here if you don’t know who she is because she’s amazing.

Conclusion: Snapsex Stinks, Moving Right Along.

Everything about this site screams scam and that’s really all that it is. You’re joining a site that’s a cover for a completely different network. It’s marketing at its finest. They’re going to make you believe that the website is worth your monthly fee when it’s clearly not. There’s no sense in ever signing up to this network. If you’re looking for another network to join that actually works, then I suggest checking out the website I’ve reviewed on the homepage. It’ll blow your mind!

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