At one point in time, I was doing scary, yet crazy things to meet people. One of the things I would do is use classified ads to connect with people. Trust me, I seriously regret doing so and I’m glad nothing bad happened when I did that. However, one of the things that ended up happening to me while doing this was that I ended up on Craigshookup. For those unfamiliar with the name, it’s a site that’s been created to emulate the classifieds section of Craigslist. You know, the site where all the escort babes like Jenna Shea hang out? Yes, that type of site. I thought that I had hit a gold mine and that my dating life was about to turn for the better.

That didn’t happen at all.

Instead, some other things happened that I’m shedding some light on below. If you’re planning on using or, then be sure that you’re taking precautions before doing so. The first this you’ll want to do is read this review from top to bottom.

Craigshookup Scam Review

Craigshookup Review: Classifieds Such, So Do Marketing Scams

No matter how you try to slice a site like Craigshookup, you’re just going to end up with layers and layers of scams. The site owners never rest in their pursuit of taking as much of your money from you as humanly possible. From the very beginning of your experience with the site, you’re going to be redirected to completely different sites that are just as much of a scam as the parent site itself. Honestly, I can’t stress how crappy this tactic is and scummy even. They’re all partners, and they work in tandem to make sure that you have as many opportunities as possible to be screwed out of your cash.

What They Do

The sites that they try to send you to are both well-known scam sites with nothing at all to offer you. They do all of the typical things that scam sites do, like sending you fake messages in an attempt to convince you that signing up for an upgraded profile is a great idea. You’ll get a ton of emails from people who really want to talk to you, but you’ll have to pay up if you want to respond. Unfortunately, if you end up doing that, you’re going to find out that each and every single one of those profiles was totally fake.

The messages were sent from bots and you’ll never hear back from them. This is a very common strategy that the scammers employ and it works way too often. If you ever find yourself wondering whether or not a place is a scam, just sit back and wait for the messages to start showing up. If you start getting them before you even post a profile picture, then you’re looking at a scam. If you get them before your profile is totally filled out, then once again you’re looking at a scam. It’s time to get out of there.

Either Way, You’re Scammed

If you know about those sites ahead of time and just go straight for Craigshookup, then you’re still in store for a whole lot of scams. The site itself is constantly trying to scam you into upgrading your profile to a paid one in order to see the really good ads. This is yet another common scam strategy. If you take the plunge and spend the large amount of money that they’re asking for, you’ll quickly see that there was no reason for it. All of the ads are just as bad and you’ll find you’re getting nothing for your money. The people who post here are just as bad as the people who run the site and they’ll try to scam you on their own every single chance that they get.

Conclusion: Craigshookup Scam Will Eventually Die

At the end of the day, you should just stay really far away from this site. There’s nothing here for you. Nope! Nothing good will ever come from your time here. You’re going to be dodging scams left and right, and that’s all you’ll ever be doing. There’s nothing to gain by wasting your time here, and you’ll end up wasting way too much of your hard earned money in the process. You’d be better off joining a site like Snapchat, which actually sucks too… Actually, instead, if you’re looking to join a site, then I suggest you join this one discussed here. Avoid all others unless you want to be scammed out of cash.

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