I’ve been testing the waters with Snapchat lately to see what type of luck I might have when it comes to dating. I’m happy to share some pointers with you on this subject. I’ll tell you right now, you might not like what you hear. For that, I do apologize but I cannot sit and will not sit here telling you that this is the best dating platform ever. I prefer others that are real instead.

Doing that would be a complete lie.

In fact, Snapchat kind of sucks, especially when it comes to dating.

Before you get your panties all in a bundle and flip out over all this, I want you to hear me out and listen to what I’ve got to say about this whole experience.

Why I Hate Snapchat

Five Reasons Why Snapchat Sucks For Hookups

Here are some of the main reasons why I think Snapchat completely sucks for dating. Sure, it’s fun to send clips back and forth to friends you grew up with but it’s not a get laid tool by any means. Here’s why…

Too Invasive

If you want to hook up with a girl on Snapchat, you’ve got to send her a snap and that video alone can be a bit invasive. While a video is a fun way to communicate with someone you’re friends with, it can be a tough icebreaker when you’re trying to connect with someone you want to fuck or date.

Everything Is Recorded

Another thing that I hate about Snapchat is that the platform records your every move. Let’s say you want to creep on a girl and get to know her a bit more. All those snaps you watched over and over of her, they’re recorded and time stamped so she knows you’re being a creep.

Mobile Only

Sometimes I like to jump on my desktop computer and chat via IM with girls, that doesn’t happen when using Snapchat. It’s virtually impossible to do that because it only works via the Android or iOS app.

Girls Are Fake AF

Most of the girls on Snapchat are fake as can be. They change filters, make themselves look ten times cuter than they actually are and even worse, they use those annoying voices and shit like that. Thinking about it makes me want to throw my phone against the wall. Yes, you heard that right.

Chat Function Is Below Average

I’ve tried using the text chat function on Snapchat and it’s below average, to say the least. I hate how your chats show as sent and read and all the nonsense. Again, far too invasive for my liking. Also, lots of people I know using Snpchat won’t even look at the chats for days. Instead, with an app like Fling, you know if you’re chatting with someone, they want to bang tonight.

For all those reasons, I absolutely hate Snapchat and refuse to use to date even casually. It’s perhaps the worst of the worst. You’re actually far better off using a site called Snapsext if you’re into the whole “snap” aspect of things.

Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong impression that I don’t like using my mobile phone to meet people for sex. In fact, I spend my time dating via my mobile phone more so than anything else. In fact, I do this so often that it’s become second nature to me. The only difference is that I use platforms that work versus those that just connect you for no good reason.

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