If you didn’t know this about me, then you’ll be shocked to find out that I’m somewhat of a Snapchat fanatic. Which is one of the reasons I was initially pumped to come across Snapmingles. In fact, I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking of the fun that I can have on this website. Then reality sunk in…

I’ll cover everything you need to know about the Snapmingles.com website and why I think it it’s awful. You’ll get the full rundown of it all below.

Snapmingles Website Review

My Snapmingles Experience – Why It’s Bad

In a very unsurprising twist, Snapmingles is not a site that you should be spending any time on. In fact, it’s not even a real site. It’s nothing more than a feeder site to send you somewhere else, where you’ll be scammed. Right now, it sends you to SPDate, which is set up from the very first second you click in to take your money.

It has all of the usual tricks that scam sites incorporate. They make no qualms about cheating you out of your money by tricking you into thinking you’re talking to real people.

It’s Not Unique At All

The scam is in no way unique or original. As soon as you make your free profile, you’re going to start getting messages. They’re going to try and make it seem like the site is chock full of women who are begging to have sex with you.

In reality, the messages are all from paid employees and robots, which will disappear as soon as you make the decision to upgrade your profile so you can respond to them. It’s used all over the world and works much better than it should.

Unfortunately, it’s how these businesses make their money without having to offer anything in return.

Redirects, Nothing More

Snapmingles is only set up to send you there. The more people that they can redirect, the more money they make. It’s a pretty cut and dry process that’s just as prevalent as the other scam tactics.

They spend the money to advertise and get you to their site. Once you’re there and click to sign up, you’re immediately sent to the real scam site. This is done to drive traffic there from more than one source and get as many people involved as they possibly can. It rakes in millions for them while you foot the bill.

Buyer Beware

If you ever find yourself on a dating/hookup website that suddenly sends you somewhere else when you try to sign up, it’s best to simply walk away. It’s a dead giveaway that they have nothing to offer you.

If they did, they wouldn’t have to trick you with that redirect nonsense. Their services would more than speak for themselves and drive the customers right to the front door. That’s how legitimate sites function and there are plenty of them around. It only takes a little bit of work to find them and put the effort in to talk to the people that you want to talk to.

Conclusion: Snapmingles Is Awful As It Gets

It’s very obvious that this Snapmingles.com website is something that you should avoid at all costs. It’s nothing more than a trick to get you to open up your wallet. Once you do that, you’ll be left with nothing at all to show for it.

The more people who avoid this site, the better the chances are of them shutting down for good. When you decide to stay away from them, you’re doing the entire online dating population a favor. Don’t go there just to check it out, and certainly don’t sign up for it.

Now, if you’re looking for a network that incorporates the use of Snap style dating, then you’ll want to check out Snapsext.com instead. It’s WAY better and actually works!

Lastly, before I go, I want to suggest that you also avoid one other snap dating site called Snapfuck. I’ve written all about it on my blog. Check this out right here to learn more.

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