If you’re trying to actively date and your breath smells like a dumpster that hasn’t been emptied or cleaned for weeks, then good luck! No, but seriously – you need good fresh breath if you want to have better luck dating. The odds are in your favor if you have good smelling breath.

Now, if you’re walking around with septic tank breath, then you’re in big trouble. Based on this survey conducted by Match.com, 43% said that breath freshness played a role in whether or not the date went well. They stated that it mattered the most out of everything else.

best toothpaste for fresh breath

If you didn’t know, there are tons of different ways that you can end up with bad breath. You might not even know it until someone has to tell you about it. Things like smoking, eating and just waking up all contribute to it.

The end result is being the kind of person that no woman wants to make out with. It’s a fate that no one wants to have to deal with. Luckily, there are also tons of toothpastes out there to help you out. Here’s a list of the best 7 of them below. They’ll get you making out in no time.

Best Toothpaste For Improving Your Breath (For A Date)

For the record, I believe 100% in caring for your teeth and breath regardless of whether you’re single, married, or in whatever relationship you’re currently in. It’s important that you take care of your teeth. Now that I got that out of the way, here’s what I suggest for toothpaste options.

Air Lift

Air Lift Toothpaste

Air Lift is a great option for you if you have to deal with morning breath. It also works wonders on coffee and tea smells that may be obvious to you after you drink them. What’s great about this one is that it’s a non-foaming paste.

That means that it can get right in between your teeth and clean them out just like a dentist would. It also lacks any kind of detergent. That leaves you with a toothpaste that will clean your mouth without irritating your gums at all.


biotene toothpaste

One of the less known causes of bad breath happens to be a dry mouth. Lots of people suffer a chronically dry mouth that leads to plenty of bad breath. That’s where Biotene comes in.

This stuff has a special mix of ingredients that act to keep your mouth wet. By acting like saliva, you can avoid the negative side effects and be done with them for good.


closys toothpaste

Closys is a great option if you happen to have sensitive teeth. It cuts out all of the alcohol and sulfate that you can find in other toothpastes.

It uses a tiny bit of pH balanced fluoride to clean your teeth and get you ready for your make-out session. You don’t have to lose out just because you have sensitive teeth anymore.


marvis toothpaste

Marvis really brings the heat with its toothpaste. It’s a very strong mint flavor that will leave you fresh and clean all day long.

It also still manages to be easy on the gums. Reviewers of it also state that their teeth are whiter than they’ve been since they started using it. It’s a bit pricier than the others, but it gets the job done for you.

Oral Essentials

Oral Essentials Toothpaste

Oral Essentials is your best option if you like to stick with organic products. It uses things like salt and aloe vera to clean your teeth and freshen your breath. For an added bit of coolness, the salt comes from the Dead Sea. You just can’t get anything purer than that around.

If you try it out, you’ll notice a difference while knowing that you’re not putting any harmful chemicals in your body.


Oxy Fresh Toothpate

Oxyfresh is another non-toxic contender. It uses a proprietary compound known as Oxygene and zinc to clear out the sulfur in your mouth. It does a great job at it, too. You can rely on this toothpaste to really get you clean inside your mouth.

You’ll be making out with women in no time and you can tell them it’s all thanks to zinc. They’ll think you’re extra brainy and kiss you for even longer.



Finally, we come to FinVine. What’s special about this toothpaste is that it uses activated charcoal to get you clean. There’s no fluoride at all. It’s completely natural and does wonders to fight bad breath. It also works to prevent plaque buildup and cavities.

It really takes care of all your mouth hygiene for you. You never have to think twice when you use this stuff. You’ll know your breath is fresh and you’ll feel clean all day long.

Conclusion – Find Your Own Favorite

So, there you have it. Those are the 7 best options on the market today. They’ll kill your bad breath while protecting your teeth for you.

You should give them all a shot and stick with whichever one works the best for you. It will depend on what’s causing your bad breath in the first place. Keep an eye on the activated charcoal, though. That stuff really works well.

As a bonus, I’d like to add that you need to make sure that you’re flossing regularly and doing what you can to keep your teeth clean. I’ve heard horror stories of guys not caring for their teeth and girls walking out of first dates just because they can’t stand the smell. Don’t be that guy! You won’t be able to enjoy the dating aspects of the single life if you’re not able to keep your date in her seat.

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