I’ve covered everything that you need to know about the XPersonals.com website. You’ll be shocked when you learn everything there is to know about the network. All I can say is keep reading and don’t be a sheep. I’ve shared everything below for you.

XPersonals.com Homepage

My Review of XPersonals.com

Dating site scams are never going to go away because they always know how to find an audience that’s ignorant enough to get taken advantage of. This site goes through a lot of trouble to seem as legit as possible, but if you know what to look for it’s obvious that the whole thing is a scam.

With XPersonals, they don’t even take time before they make it clear it’s a scam. They won’t even let you into the basic site without signing up for a “free” account and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

The company wants you to agree to the terms so early because the fact is the entire site is a fraud, and by signing the terms you waive your rights to come after them afterward when you realize they are not what they seem.

They understand that there are lots of men looking to hook up with horny girls by any means, and they’ve set up a site that mirrors what you would find on a legit dating site. The difference here is, none of the features are truly as advertised and you will never find a real girl to hook up with. Hint: sometimes I find lots at the gym.

They Admit Upfront That The Profiles Are Fake

The site is littered with profiles that seem to feature gorgeous women who are desperate to hook up. They claim that these girls are constantly on the site, that they are open to hooking up, and that they even have a complex set-up called the Cupid system that will match you and notify you of these girls at your convenience.

The site even claims that these girls also do live cam shows and you can get to know them that way. The reality is the terms and conditions that you signed state clearly that the profiles are run by the site.

They have to admit this upfront so that they are not liable for defrauding you. You have to understand however that there aren’t any real girls on the site and the fraud spreads to every aspect of the site.

The Messages Aren’t Real and Neither Are The Pictures

There is no one real manning the profiles and the pictures are stolen from other cam sites across the internet. A basic reverse image search (do it here) will reveal this fact, as they are even stealing photos from popular cam girls and Instagram models (like Jenna).

This tactic spreads throughout the site. You will be hit with tons of messages and notifications that your profile is being interacted with, and girls want to talk to you. However, the moment you want to take things further, you will be asked to get a paid membership. Everything is designed to get you to sign up for the monthly recurring fees as soon as possible.

Conclusion: XPersonals Will Steal Your Money

All these sites basically run the same way. They actually have computer software which works to type up messages and bombard your inbox and email account with solicitations. When you think that these messages may be real, they turn around and ask you for money. The reality is there are no real girls on the entire site.

The pictures are possibly stolen, the profiles are possibly run by employees, and the live cams are possibly just prerecorded loops. The entire scam is to keep you on the site for as long as possible, incurring monthly fees, while you literally talk to a computer program for months on end. You should do your best to avoid this site and anything that looks like it.

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