Are you a Snapchat fan? Ever since Kylie Jenner started using this social media platform, it seems like everyone is using it. The bad part is that not everyone is 100% genuine and legit on these social media platforms. Did you know that Snapchat and other social platforms have premium services? Most of these companies make their money from them. For example, premium Snapchat costs money. Although Snapchat Premium is a legitimate service, that doesn’t mean that it’s not open to turning into a platform for scammers.

The good news, I’m here to share some information about the premium Snapchat service and give you all the information you need in order to not get scammed – EVER.

Premium Snapchat Scam

Premium Snapchat – Avoiding The Scams

Below you will find the specific steps laid out that just about every premium Snapchat scam out there. These things that I’m about to describe are all common with this scam and you’ll be happy to learn about them before actually getting scammed.

This particular attempt at getting your money will come from the user of a hookup dating site somewhere. It doesn’t matter which, for the most part, if they are pulling this then the result will always the same.

That’s why you always have to be vigilant and you can never let your guard down. There’s someone trying to take advantage of you around every single corner on the Internet. If you find yourself in a situation like this, just stop. Don’t go any further. You’ll only be pissed if you move forward.

The Pics and Snaps Roll In

What happens here is you will see an ad with more than enough pictures to titillate you. The girls will always be looking for someone who fits your description, and they’ll be offering more than enough to pique your interest.

The ad will come along with a Snapchat address for you to contact them. If you do, you’re probably not going to hear back right away. This scam leaves you hanging for a bit. After a while, you’re going to get your message. It’s going to say that talking to her will cost you a Snapchat premium account. There’s no real explanation as to why, but there you go.

The Upgrade

If you go ahead and upgrade your account, that’s fine. It’s not an uncommon thing. Snapchat Premium isn’t terrible and you can talk to a lot of women who like to share naughty pictures of themselves. This person, though, probably isn’t a woman. You’re not going to get any pictures and you’re not going to meet up at any point.

What you’re going to get instead is a message saying that she needs money. The individual is likely going to say that they can only hook up with men who can take care of them and you have to prove it.

The Offer Is Consistent

You’re going to get an amount of around a hundred dollars and you’re supposed to send it to their Google Wallet or Paypal. If you do it, it’s on you. No one in the real world would ever do this unless they happened to be a straight-up prostitute.

At least with a prostitute, you get a little action and probably a nice STD to remember the experience by. Here, you’re not getting anything but a smaller balance within your bank account. There’s no reason at all to send the money and if you do, you’ll only be asked for more.

Conclusion: Do Not Fall For This Scam

The second you spot a premium Snapchat or Instagram scam like this, you need to run like the wind. Delete all of the messages and never return to the profile again, unless you’re reporting it.

This person is somewhere on the other side of the world and is trying to steal as much money as they possibly can from the gullible and horny. It’s never a good idea to send money to anyone on the Internet that you’ve just met. I promise that it will never end well and you won’t have a thing to show for it in return.

Now, if you want to hook up with someone locally that wants to bang and doesn’t want any money in exchange for anything, then great – START HERE!

Are there other scams that you need to look out for? There sure are my friend! Take a peek at the list below to get an idea as to which hookup sites you should avoid:




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