Some people haven’t got the slightest idea of what a fling dating site is and what the difference is between this and any mainstream dating site. I’ll be the first to tell you that this type of site is totally different from any other type out there.

Not to mention, there are some out there that exist which do shady things to trick users into thinking they’re getting more than they actually are. I’ve got a simple list of things that I always look for in order to determine if a fling-style hookup site is real or not. Do yourself a solid and memorize these things because they most definitely can make or break your online dating experience.

fling dating tips

Tips To Help Detect If A “Fling” Date Site Is Real

This is by no means a full list but it’s enough of what you need to know in order to successfully join a site and hook up without getting totally scammed.

Is It Cookie Cutter Looking?

The first thing I typically tell people to look for is whether or not a site looks too cookie-cutter or not. If you’ve seen the layout and design before, then chances are it’s not a real fling site. The likelihood of the site being real is slim to none as it’s probably just a copy of another or a marketing page. The more unique looking, the better.

Does It Require A Credit Card?

I’m all for paid dating services and if they require a credit card to upgrade then that’s fine. However, if they are asking for a credit card just to verify who you are, then you need to run like the wind. My guess is that they just want to get a hold of your card to eventually charge it.

Are The Girls All Supermodels?

If you come to a site filled with smoking hot girls and not a single average-looking woman, then best that you run. My guess is that those aren’t really members and it’s all part of a marketing ploy to get you to join.

Do They Create Profiles?

Some dating websites (even mainstream sites) will create profiles and they do this for testing purposes. However, many of them do this to make the site look more heavily populated than others. Real fling dating sites don’t create profiles. They don’t need to because they have so many users that use the site.

Are There Strange Terms?

If you’re required to agree to some strange terms and conditions, then chances are the site is fake. Many dating sites will post links to some ridiculously lengthy terms and conditions page and more often than not it’s just to cover their butt legally. If you see any strange terms, then don’t join.

Do They Mention “Sex” on the Homepage?

Almost every real fling dating website that’s out there speaks of having sex within seconds of landing on the page. That’s because the primary reason for joining is to hook up with someone. If the homepage is absent from this type of “talk” then you need to be concerned!

Now, once you find one site that you think is legit (see my homepage), then might I suggest you learn how to properly use it.

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