I never understood why so many people are petrified to be single. They’re not content with being alone and living the single life isn’t for them. Well, I hate to say it but I can’t understand why they feel that way. Not even for a second! In my opinion, it’s the best type of life that you can live and if you’re still single, then I think your best option is to stay that way for as long as possible. I’m not going to try and convince you why you need to stay single.

Instead, I’ll give you a rundown of all the reasons that I love being alone and doing my own thing. Chances are that many happy bachelors are going to agree with me here. Those people just looking for a fling will for sure agree with me. However, don’t judge just yet. Instead, make notes and just keep reading until you’ve read this entire blog post.

Living the single life

The Reasons I Think Single Life Is The Best Life

I’ve been living single and ready to mingle for a while now. Sure, I’ve had my ups and downs in terms of hooking up but there’s no way I’d settle down versus being single and I’m going to tell you exactly why right now.

No Drama Llama Ever

I’ve been able to successfully avoid the “drama llama” for years and it’s all because I spend less time worrying about a steady girl. Single people don’t have the drama that married people have and those in relationships are always having issues with family, friends, kids, work and more. The list goes on and on really. I do my best to avoid all drama and being single allows me to do this better than one would ever imagine.

Regular “Miss New Booty”

Yes, I get new booty on a weekly basis. Heck, I’ve even been known to get new booty on random weekdays and at times twice daily. No lie there at all. It’s all part of the process and happens more than you think. Guess what, people in relationships get to enjoy the same booty multiple times and they can do it as many times as they’d like but often never get laid! How strange is that? I know, it is definitely something to ponder and I’d use your best judgment if I were you before you go calling any specific girl your girlfriend, let alone your wifey!

I Do Things My Way

As a student or kid living with your parents, didn’t you hate it when someone told you what to do and how to do it? I felt the exact same way and after dealing with the wrath of having a GF for a long period of time, I’m done. Now I do things my way or I take the highway, it’s that simple.

If I want to sit around, eat like crap, and play video games, I can do that without a girl nagging me about being unproductive. If I want to hit the bar and get shitfaced all night, make poor choices and sleep them off the next day I can do that!

Trust me, I do things my way and the single life allows me to do that and then some.

Independent and Strong

When you live on your own and without a steady partner, you need to learn how to handle things. That makes you a very strong person and it can be helpful in the long run. In fact, I firmly believe that this has made me physically stronger as well. I put a lot of time and effort in the gym. Honestly, it’s all because I’m afraid to get weak (both physically and mentally). Some may look at this and say that it’s a bad thing but I’m telling you it’s definitely not.

Save Money

I spend far less money living as a single person than if I were with someone on a steady basis. Sure, the date nights add up but not as much as you think. The single life is much more cost effective than raising a family or getting married. Heck, I’m not into any of that stuff anyway but can tell you that it’s hefty on the wallet.

In conclusion, I’d like you to understand that this lifestyle is incredible. Not giving it a fair shot is a terrible decision on your behalf. Think about it before you decide to settle down. Now, if this is your first time attempting this type of lifestyle, then best that you read this article to understand how things work.

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