I recently went out of my way to give Naughtyflings.com a try. It’s what many would consider a great site, but not me! The site has some things that I absolutely have zero tolerance for and I’m sure you’ll get the same feeling once I fill you in on these things I’m referring to. While I typically like to use the original Fling.com website, I also try many other fling sites as I come across them. Reason being, I want to report those that simply don’t offer anything when it comes to hookups and getting laid by locals. Too many sites are flat out scams and I’m here to call out each and every one of those sites, starting with Naughtyflings.com today…

Naughtyflings.com Review

My Experience Using Naughty Flings – What I Learned

Today’s dating site investigation covers one site referred to as Naughtyflings.com. If you’ve never heard of this site, then consider yourself lucky I guess. The reason I say that is because it’s a complete scam based on the interaction that I’ve had in most recent months. I’ll tell you exactly how right now. The site seems to be nothing but a marketing front for another network called Mate1. This website is literally used to do nothing aside from redirecting you to Mate1.com. One thing I absolutely cannot stand is redirects. That’s just scratching the surface though. I’ll share the things I hate about Mate1.com below as well.

Okay, so some of the things that I’m going to be covering here about the Mate1.com dating site and its association with NaughtyFlings.com are as follows…

  • Fake Chat Sessions
  • Shady Terms
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • No Hook Ups Flings

I decided to keep things short and sweet. In order to do that, I opted to cover only the most important areas that you need to know about. Skipping all the bullshit allows more time for making more informed decisions.

Tons of Fake Chats

If you start to use Mate1.com aka NaughtyFlings.com then you’ll soon realize that the company has fake chat sessions which they deploy while you’re logged into the website. Do not be surprised if your inbox becomes flooded with messages and your chat box pops up with multiple chat offers from local girls.

I should warn you that these chat offers are not from local girls but from automated bots within the Mate1 system. How do I know this? The reason I know this is because I’ve set up full profiles and have also used half ass profiles. On a real dating site like Fling.com, a half ass profile isn’t going to work. However, if you only setup a half ass profile on Naughtyflings.com you’ll still get lots of responses. The truth is that these responses cannot be real at all! If they were, they wouldn’t contact you without knowing what you look like or what you like.

The automated system is sophisticated enough to scam you into thinking you’re chatting with a real local person. That’s not the case though here. Oh to top things off, they will request that you upgrade your account to chat with them. Shocking, I know!

Shadiest Terms Ever

While I’ve seen some really bad terms, I must say that this one takes the cake. Naughtyflings.com has pretty horrible terms and what you must understand is that you’re obligated to abide by both Naughty Flings and Mate1’s terms and conditions when you join. If you take 20 minutes to read the terms, they will literally make you sick to your stomach. I can almost guarantee that you’ll be disgusted once you’ve finished reviewing them. The problem is that no one takes the time to read the terms, ever.

Brand Ambassadors Online

So Mate1 has something they put in place called the Online Ambassadors profiles. These are fake or fabricated profiles which have been set up to connect you with contract workers. They want you to communicate more and interact a bit. Basically, the concept here is that you’ll spend money and upgrade if you interact more. It’s a complete scam far as I’m concerned.

Never Hooked Up…Ever

I gave this site a shot and didn’t hook up, not even once. The Naughtflings.com website simply didn’t do the trick and it never helped me hook up. The things that they claim to be able to do are completely false and I’ve never been able to actually hook up with girls. The only girls that I’ve met on this site are “Online Ambassadors” and no others.

Conclusion: Don’t Try Naughty Flings

The NaughtyFlings.com site is one that simply does not work. It’s a redirect and marketing tactic that they have in place and it does not work. The site is a huge waste of time and money, so stay away from this one for sure.

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