If you’re not playing sex games then you’re missing out big time. One of the most gratifying human experiences is having sex and not incorporating games into your sex adventures is a down right crime (if you ask me). It feels so good that it’s hard to imagine how it can get any better. Sex always has the potential to be better than you think and incorporating games will without a doubt make it much better. If you don’t strive to have the best sex possible, then you are selling yourself short. Don’t settle for just good sex. Make an effort to have great sex. Here are a few ways to help up your game.

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Some Sex Games That’ll Make Your Bedroom Life Better

These things definitely don’t need to be done all at once but if you do decide to do them they will most likely improve your love life. Here’s a rundown of things that you’ll want to do as well as not do. Keep in mind that whether you’re living the married life or single life, this is all applicable.

Don’t be so uptight about where you have sex. Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty or do something naughty like sex in public, on the ground while camping, or up against your car in a parking garage. Sure, this is one of the more dangerous sex games that can get you in legal trouble, but attempting to do so is a good idea, trust me.

Don’t be so uptight about anal sex. Even if it doesn’t seem like it interests you, you should be open to it if the moment is right. Leaving it on the table for special circumstances could lead you down new heights of ecstasy.

Don’t be so uptight about choking. A little autoerotic asphyxiation is amazing, as long as you don’t get carried away. It’s best to discuss it and figure out a sign so the person doing the choking knows when it’s too much.

Don’t be so uptight about squirting. I don’t care where you read that it’s urine. Squirting means that the woman is reaching the epitome of her sexual release by way of the G-Spot and that is something that should never be taken off the table.

Don’t be so uptight about toys. You may have heard that toys can desensitize her, but if you use them sparingly, they can give both of you deeper and more satisfying orgasms. The key is moderation.

Don’t be so uptight about hair pulling. Get a little rough, based on the sensibilities of your partner. Find a level of roughness that is comfortable for both of you and just go for it.

Pull out early. That’s right. Even though every part of your being is telling you to stay in, pull out and finish yourself off. Just be sure to do it while you’re so close to her vagina that your penis and knuckles are brushing up against it.

Stay in and finish inside. As long as she’s okay with it, finishing inside is one of the most glorious feelings of bliss there is. Be safe and do it when both of you have been tested and you are either trying to have a baby or she is on birth control. Definitely do not even think about this unless you are willing to deal with the risks of doing so. Some people like to drop a jizz bomb deep inside someone but they are not willing to deal with the aftermath. If you cannot take the heat, then stay out of the kitchen!

Jerk off without a visual aid. Using porn to masturbate a lot could affect your performance because the circumstances in porn don’t match what really goes on in the bedroom. Masturbation without porn will help you become more aroused during sex and she will become more aroused in return. I do this all the time and can vouch for the positive impact it can have on your love life.

Give her orgasms. Make her cum intensely and often. Tease her and use anticipation to build her arousal until she has an orgasm. Then do it again. The more orgasms she has, the better yours will be. Women are able to recoup from a strong orgasm a whole lot faster than a guy. So it’s in your best interest to start doing it more often.

Those simple sex games will make your love life that much better. Trust me, you’ll be thanking me once you start to incorporate these things into your love life. That holds especially true if you’re using a dating site like Fling.

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