I’ve got another fling dating site that I’m going to be covering today as I most recently came across it and have done my due diligence to test it out, investigate things and learn all I can about it. Perhaps you’ll want to hang on to your hat because the ride is about to get a bit bumpy! I’m sharing my official review of CougarFling.com right here, right now.

CougarFling.com Review

CougarFling.com Might Not Be The Site For You [Review]

The first thing you need to know about the Cougar Fling site is that it’s terrible looking. Honestly, I’m not a snobby SOB or anything like that but this site has the worst looking design and color scheme that I’ve seen in a long time.

When I come across a site that has a “half-ass” design and looks like it hasn’t been touched since the early 90s, I can’t help but feel sick. This makes me think that the company behind the site is completely lazy and not devoted to keeping its members engaged.

A typical cougar dating site that’s effective takes pride in keeping its design up to date. They want it to look nice and they spend lots of time and money to make it look as such. This site just looks pathetic with the gross colors and such. It’s a competitive land, to say the least, and lack of design efforts makes me feel like a site simply doesn’t care about its users.

There are many other red flags here that any seasoned fling dater would quickly notice. I’ll keep covering each of them as I rant on below.

Fake Profiles All Over The Place

Another basic warning sign that you’ll come across in your registration efforts is none other than the fake profiles. When you join, you are almost immediately sent to a specific “upgrade” page where they try and sell you a subscription to the site.

The problem with all this isn’t necessarily the fact that they want your money upfront but that they’re using fake profiles in order to entice you to upgrade. If you want to test this theory for yourself, you can do so. All you need to do is simply head on over to Cougar Fling and copy one of the profile images on the upgrade page. Paste that image into a reverse image search and you’ll soon see what I’m talking about here.

Too Many Ads Inside

One thing that I hate more than anything is ads. I especially hate seeing ads on a website when I’ve spent my hard-earned money on it already. When you join Cougarfling, you’re going to notice a ton of banner ads in the member’s area. This is where the site pushes so many other dating sites and cam offers that it’s disgusting. It’s just one of the things that bother me about the dating service.

Little To No Members Online

Another thing that I noticed about Cougarfling.com was that they didn’t have very many users on the website at any point in time. I checked late in the evening, during the weekends, and during many other occasions when you’d think they’d be lots of people online.

Guess what, there were literally less than a dozen people actively using the website at any point in time when I used the site. It’s impossible to get laid or have a fling if you can’t connect with someone online to do so. That should seem pretty obvious.

Although it’s easy to point out many Cougar profiles, they are not the ones that will get you laid because I believe they are fake as can be. Yes, this is my personal opinion only.

Conclusion: Cougar Fling Does Not Work!

After doing a full investigation of the site, I’m hereby confirming that the Cougar Fling website does not work. In my personal opinion, I have to say that this site does not work and it’s simply an outdated platform with an ugly layout.

If you’re looking to meet cougars, you will not be able to do so using this website. Dating women that are older is easy to do, but doing so on this site is a complete waste of time. If you want to join a site that works, then you need to join the original fling app.

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