The dating reports that get published on this site are a bit raw and uncut but I’d have it no other way, to be frank about it. Today I’m taking the time to share some information on the website. While I’m not necessarily proud of everything that I’ve done, especially when it comes to dating. I’ll start by saying that giving MeetWives a shot was a bad decision on my part. I should have never done it but you live and you learn. Don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of interesting facts to share about this dating service that’s going to make your head spin.

The more I use a site, the more I begin to better understand things about it and about other dating services that exist. Some of them have zero shame in doing just about anything they can to get your credit card in hand. Many of them will spend millions just to make things look much more impressive to the average joe because all those memberships make lots of dollars and cents. Here’s what I learned about the site and why you need to avoid them. If you’re interested in learning how to detect sites that are fake, then check this article out here. screenshot

Complete Review of (Must Read For Any Online Dater)

Full disclosure, I love having flings with married women. It’s just something that I do on almost a daily basis. Yes, you read that correctly I said daily! Now, as far as meeting wives is concerned, I thought that was going to be the perfect place to do this. I was 100% wrong on that fact. I’m going to kick this review off by sharing all the things that most people miss when they visit this site.

The Numbers Lie

The first thing I want to point out to you are the numbers at the very top of the screen. You’ll notice that to the right of the logo, the site reads “2,276,769 Horny Members” and “32,178 Online NOW.” What the site is trying to do is convince you that 30k people are online now using the site and trying to hook up with others. I hate to completely burst your bubble but that’s nothing but a lie. If you go back to the site or refresh it even a few minutes later you will notice that the numbers don’t change. That’s because it’s a static number and just a marketing tactic.

They Claim To Be FREE

If you take a close look at the registration form you’ll notice the big red banner that reads, “FREE” on the homepage. So many people are wondering whether or not it’s free and those that aren’t are assuming it is. If you then look further down the page you’ll see another red button that reads, “Get Started for FREE.” This tells me that the site is in NOT free but only free to register. This is exactly how they get your personal information from day one.

What this scamming site does is they blast you with dozens of dating site offers until you bite at one o them. They’re allowed to do this because you agreed to it when joining the website.

The Chatting Is So Bothersome

Communications on the site couldn’t be further from reality. What the site does is send you automated messages to get you to chat with them. When they do this, you have to then pay to interact back with the users. It’s nothing but a glorified scam far as I’m concerned. Here’s the real kicker, all those emails, invites, notifications, and chat messages that you receive, those are all from a computer. Every single one of them is from a script or algorithm that’s designed to send messages to you. Creepy I know, shady and scummy, absolutely.

Fake Profiles All Over The Place

If you read the terms and conditions, then you’d know that the site is filled with fake dating profiles. There are plenty of fakes on almost every single page that you visit in the members area. Actually, I’ll even go as far as saying every profile is fake. Huge kick in the teeth far as I’m concerned.

They Use Employees Unethically

The site is not afraid to use hired help to communicate with people that sign up on I cannot help but get totally pissed off when I see contractors chatting with users. It’s not going to get you laid so don’t waste your time.

Paying To Use

If you want to waste your money and upgrade your membership, then you can do that. It’s going to be a bitch to cancel and it’s going to cost you between $29 and $119. Oh, if you do join, they’ll continue to charge your credit card over and over.

Conclusion: Avoid Or You’ll Get Burned

There’s no way you’re going to get laid using this site and no way in hell that it’s worth even spending time creating a user account. Meet Wives is not worth your time and I encourage you to stay far away from him.

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