Any chance that you’ve heard of the infamous app? My guess is that if you haven’t, then you likely also haven’t heard just how absolutely horrible the app itself is. Truthfully, it’s one of the worst mobile dating apps on this planet, based on my research at least. Review

Everything I Know About The “Have A Fling” Mobile App

Allow me to break things down here and tell you why I can’t stand this dating network. It is without a doubt one of the most foolish and irresponsible things I’ve seen online when it comes to dating in general.

You guessed it, I’m talking about horrible security! The “Have A Fling” dating network is one that’s been in the news off and on for years now. There are millions of real people that have used this app overtime and for some strange reason, they’ve become one of the most infamous names out there.

A company known as C&Z Tech Limited owns the dating network and they’re a company out of New Zealand. Apparently, the company did not take security seriously and they were breached. What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that personal data that belongs to users was actually exposed. Information such as email addresses, usernames, gender, birthdates, personal profile pictures, and other extremely personal profile information was exposed. Even the information related to the simple profile bios was leaked. Keep in mind, some of this information is extremely personal and not stuff that people really want to share with others outside of the hookup or affair dating network.

Those that joined have essentially done so in order to avoid being exposed publically on more open social networks such as Facebook and Snapchat. Some people went as far as sharing information stating whether or not they were just looking to fuck. Others actually published their personal Snapchat account information and many other personal pieces of information.

According to some of the research that I came across, the company claims that the accounts which were breached were “dummy accounts” containing fake user information. I find this absolutely disturbing and I personally think it’s a cover-up.

The problem that I found out about when joining this site was that the company kept users personal data and did not purge it. This leaves all users very vulnerable regardless of the situation that they are in. I absolutely cannot condone any of this behavior at all.

What Exactly Does This All Mean?

I’ll tell you exactly what this means. If anything, it means that most of these dating networks are completely vulnerable. They are more than willing to take your money but when it comes to protecting your information, security, and other personal things, it is not exactly the most reputable.

Conclusion: HaveAFling.Mobi Is A Terrible Idea And Your Personal Info Isn’t Safe!

If you’re looking to join, then please avoid doing so. It’s a terrible idea and a low-grade dating app at best. If you want to have a fling, this isn’t the tool to use to accomplish that task. Instead, check out my homepage and learn more today.

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