Over the years I come across a plethora of dating websites. In fact, if I had to guess I’d say likely 2,000 or more. One of the sites I crossed paths with was XMeeting.com. Knowing what I know about online dating, I couldn’t just land on it and not look into things. I did what any logical person would do, I began investigating things inside and out to determine if this was worth joining. You’ll soon learn whether or not XMeeting was life-changing or just a huge waste of effort.

Before I get started, I want to make it clear that my intentions here are not to be little anyone or bash them if they have used a particular dating site. This is merely my personal interpretation of them. Find out what I think about XMeeting and if it really works.

XMeeting.com Site Review
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My Complete XMeeting.com Review

Before I kick things off, here’s what I learned about the site and everything that you need to know about it. Actually, even before all that, you must be made aware that I sniffed out everything I could about this site during and after the registration process. Here’s the bulk of what I learned and the topics I’m covering today.

  • High Fees
  • Fictitious Profiles
  • Stupid Messages
  • Paid Workers

Now without wasting even a second more of your time, I’m diving right into things by covering the high-cost to join this site…

High Fees, No Not Free

The XMeeting.com website is definitely not free. When you land on the site for the first time, you’re presented with the impression that it is completely free. Unfortunately, that’s definitely not the case.

They actually charge quite a bit considering what you get in exchange for the money spent. If you decide to join then you’re in for a big surprise, that’s all I’m saying.

Now For The Fictitious Profiles

I hate to burst your bubble but this company incorporates fake profiles into their member’s area. You know what that means?

It means that you might be the lucky guy that spends hours chatting with someone that doesn’t even really exist. Then when it’s time to meet up, you’re shit out of luck and whacking your carrot at home once again.

The company behind XMeeting.com actually reserves the right to do this. You know how they get away with this? It’s all written in the terms and conditions that you agree to when joining. Want proof, read them here.

Messages Don’t Quite

I should also mention that the site distributes electronic messages to their members. What I mean by that is the messages you receive are not actually from people but bots.

They basically have a bunch of algorithms that call certain actions to occur based on how the user reacts or the action they take online. None of these messages are going to lead to hookups. Honestly, not a single message so don’t be fooled by any of that stuff.

Contractors Running Amuck

Okay, so may they aren’t acting in a furious manner but they are all over the place. There are paid workers that are literally paid to connect and communicate with the real users that have joined the site.

They want you to think that you’re dealing with real people like yourself that have signed up. However, all you’re doing is chatting with a paid employee hired to make you feel good, not physically either. You will never meet them, ever.

Conclusion: XMeeting.com Is Bottom Of The Barrel

Let me lay things out for you, simply put, Xmeeting is never going to help you meet anyone. All they want really is your credit card number and the opportunity to bang it every single month like clockwork. If you’re looking for something more effective, then you’ve got to check out places like this one or some of the other sites the Global Personals Media runs. The sites are the only legit ones that I’ve used to date.

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