If you are using online dating sites, then there is a risk that you must come to terms with. Unfortunately, some of these sites are flat out bad news bears, especially with regards to the type of people that you meet on the Internet. We’ve all seen that situation where some ugly mutt of a girl answers the door or perhaps even worse, some dude pretending to be a girl. That right there means one thing…

You got catfished, my friend. Simple, sad, and undeniably true!

If you’re looking to avoid having this happen, then there are a few things that you can start to take into consideration. Before I get into all of that, I want to cover the aspects of the act of being catfished and what that truly means.


Avoid Getting Catfished By Understanding The Following

First I want to share the legit definition of what it means to be catfished. It’s the act of being lured into a relationship with someone that creates and uses a fictional persona. This, my friend, is what catfishing is all about and you without a doubt will want to avoid it at all costs.

Here are the things to be on the lookout for in order to avoid ultimately getting catfished.

Ask For Specifics

When you start chatting with someone, don’t be afraid to ask them to send very specific photos with specific poses. Oftentimes, people will rip photos from Google and send them over as if they’re that person. The problem with this is that too many people fall for this type of thing and they never end up even questioning it. I always ask a girl to take specific photos showcasing themselves doing something insanely strange. I also do a Google search before to make sure there aren’t any people out there doing this already.

Video Chat

If someone says they refuse to video chat with you or have a phone conversation or Skype, then run. Most people today that are single and dating are a completely open book. If you’re not willing to connect with people and video chat then why are you bothering with any of this online dating, to begin with? That is the way I feel at least.

Look Out For Financial Requests

No one using a dating app or site should ever ask you for money. If they do, then you need to contact the site owners and support team to let them know about it. This is a surefire way to discover that someone is out to scam you. If they don’t live nearby and they want money to come see you, then do not send it. They’re trying to rob you, simple as that!

Always In Agreement

If someone you’re chatting online with is always in agreement with you, then be worried. Most people have differences and they do not agree on things. Instead, they talk things out and work around them. I’ve never met two people that agree on absolutely everything there is to possibly agree upon out there. It just doesn’t happen, trust me.

If you come across any of those things I’ve just mentioned then be skeptical about that person. Until you actually meet someone in person that you’ve been dating online, it’s tough to say whether or not your getting scammed. Just keep a close guard up, that’s all.

But wait, I’m not done just yet. You want to know how it happened to me I’m sure, right?

Please Say It Aint So

Here’s my story…

I was using some online dating site (which I won’t name because it sucks so bad) and I quickly found myself connected with some smoking hot girl who’s profile I came across. One thing led to another and we were chatting up a storm via text through the site. A month went by and I kept receiving random photos of this girl sending me shots of her hanging out, mountain climbing and doing other fun stuff.

One day, I decided that I wanted to connect with her on a more personal level. I invited her to meet up with me to see if she had any interest hooking up. We were supposed to meet at a local bar and she never showed up. I quickly realized that I had been taken for a ride all along. This girl wanted nothing but my contextual companionship and that’s it.

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