Last week I took the time to review, and this week I’ve taken the time to review a site with a similar name. It’s quite possible that this is the worst dating site on the planet. I’m not joking either when I say that is truly terrible. After taking a few weeks to digest everything there is to know about this website, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just not that great. It doesn’t take much to get a complete read on a dating network and my report today tells all. Do your wallet and frame of mind a favor, read this review to find out everything there is to learn about it. website Completely Let Me Down (Details Below)

I’m not going to bombard you right away with the specifics of all this stuff. Instead, I’m going to give you a simple breakdown of what I learned and why I simply did not enjoy my experience using the website. Whatever you do, don’t go snooping around looking for the site just yet. If you do, you’ll be sorry that you did.

Here’s a summary of everything I’m about to cover in this detailed report today.

Tons of fake users
Flagged profiles in members area
Hired help to chat
Images may be stolen
Upgrade to do anything

Let’s get down to business and review everything that they’ve got going on here. I’ll start with one of the things that really bothers me most, the fake users.

I Hate Fakes

Coming across fake users in a pool full of dating profiles is like tossing a bunch of rubber fish in a pond I’m fishing out of. In other words, fake profiles totally suck and they destroy just about any chance that you have to hook up with someone. The reason I say that is because the site simply doesn’t have any real users that you can meet for a fling. All the fake users do is fill up the pool with profiles that will get you nowhere at all. It’s a huge waste of time to even be browsing through them.

They’re Flagged But Who Cares

Sure, the profiles that they do add to the member’s area are flagged but who really cares if they are flagged or not. The point is that these profiles are listed on the site and the flagging of them is only to prevent legal issues. See, users can’t sue the company for posting them if they clearly mark them in some way and acknowledge that they are totally fake. That’s how they get away with all these foolish fake profiles time and time again.

People Are Paid To Chat

Here’s another shocker, people are actually paid to chat with users. These people likely sit around in a room filled with nothing but computers and they message users all day long. My guess is that they may not even be who they claim to be. What I mean by that is you may be chatting with a girl but in fact, it’s a guy on the other end of the line. Since the chats are all instant message, it is tough to say really.

Images From Around The Web

If you do a simple reverse image search you will notice that some of the member images in the member’s area are stolen. While I can’t verify that they are 100% stolen, I can tell you that you might find that some of them are not unique and can be found in lots of places across the Internet. This really makes me angry and I bet it makes the people that had their images stolen even angrier!

Upgrade To Do Everything

If you want to use this site, then you need to upgrade in order to do anything here. The site is pretty much useless unless you pay for the upgrade. Actually, strike that even if you pay for the upgrade it’s still useless. At least you can chat and read fake emails if you spend some cash, lol.

Conclusion: Worst Site Ever, Is The Pits

If you want to waste a bunch of money, then join That’s a surefire way to make that happen! I’ve spent a ton of money using both fake and legit dating websites. I can tell you right now that this Xmeets site is not legit at all. Buyer beware! Read more of my reports here.

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