Have you ever heard of the NakedLocals.com website? My guess is that you have not, but if you have and you’ve signed up then you’ve probably been scammed. I hate to be a Debbie downer, but that’s the honest to god truth. Anyway, enough mumbo jumbo – here’s what you need to know about this site.

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NakedLocals.com Review

It’s amazing how many dating site scams are still up and running, even after they get a reputation for being fraudulent. This continues because there are always consumers who are vulnerable to being taken advantage of for the sake of a connection and because these sites protect themselves in their terms and conditions so that they are not liable for defrauding you.

Naked locals may not be a well-known scam site, but it is tied to a variety of notorious scam sites. When this is the case, it’s no secret what they are really doing here. They just want to get you onto the site and giving up your credit card info as soon as possible.

This site even goes so far as to offer a trial option for only $1.00. They fail to mention that this renews in a few days to forty dollars a month, every month. This is only the beginning of the scams that you will encounter here.

Fake Pictures And Messages Fill The Site

Their first play is always to appear as legitimate as possible, and this is by copying the font, layout, and design of other popular dating sites. They offer features you would expect like search features, private messaging, live chats, and even live cams.

What’s different about Naked Locals is that it tries hard to fill the place with pictures of truly beautiful women. If you didn’t know better, you would think you found a gold mine of women desperate to be banged.

Pornstars Everywhere?

The fact is this site uses images of porn stars and cam girls from all over the internet, and everything is designed to get you to join. What should have you concerned right off the bat is the amount of emails you immediately receive once joining the site. It just doesn’t make any sense that all of these hot women would want to talk to you minutes after you joined. It’s a typical catfish act – like this here.

You won’t even have time to put up a picture of fill out a profile before someone is writing to say how great you look or how you’re a match. You have to understand that all of this is a scam. None of the girls that are messaging you are real.

Conclusion: A Full-Service Scam

Not only are the profiles and pictures fake, but the messages you are receiving are generated by computer software. When you see an account marked as Online Cupid, you know that this is a fake account. They admit to as much right in the terms and conditions.

They either contract employees or have computer software spend time talking to you, all as a means to keep you on the site racking up charges for as long as possible. Some people say that they have interacted with a real profile on the site and that may be true.

But the fact is the site has been overrun with fake pictures and profiles, and that should be enough to scare you away, no matter what you find here.

So, What’s The Answer?

Well, the answer to your problems is simply to use the one and only Fling.com website. That’s the site that I recommend to everyone because it works better than the rest. If you’re taking any other approach, then you’re a complete fool. Simple as that my friend!

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